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    The only thing that will be worked out, will be silent hunter 5..
    Out of Ubisofts budget.
    Then it will sit there half working and never get fully fixed.
    Sh 3and 4 have taught us that unfortunately.
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    I have just bought the series, Silent Hunter III, Silent Hunter IV and Silent Hunter V but, as I have not yet received them, I am doing what I probably should have done before ordering them, looking for users comments and experiences; I assumed the Silent Hunter series would be a massive improvement over the likes of Aces of The Deep. However, reading through these threads is filling me with dread; perhaps I should have stuck to my old fashioned submarine simulator variants.

    Does any body agree or disagree?

    Alan. (arp5792 - new today and a now bewildered pensioner)
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    Hello Alan,
    I play SH4 and like the game.
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    well it is the worst that could happen i cant play silent hunter 3 (win7) and silent hunter 5 has made the first person get in the way of a good game. My officers dont supply the info the skipper needs in the way silent hunter 3 did. I spend at least one minute trying to get up the ladder. Then another minute trying to get information out of him instead of the feed back you would get in sh3. The silent hunter 5 is garbage and i will now work out how to0 get sh 3 working on win 7 though i dont fancy my chances....good bye ubisoft.
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    well after TWO years of still havin little faith that (insert f-words) will do some patches that would fix the game so you wouldnt need
    50 mods just to be able to measure distance to target n stuff like that i am announcing that if theres gonna be SH VI
    i will not bu it but get a pirated version (at least i wont be dissapointed cuz i wont pay for crap)

    so long UBerIdiotic company that doesnt care for PAYING customers
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    Time to necro.

    Around two years after this was opened and we still do not see fixes for the CO2 or Hydrophone issues. TDW (from subsim) was able to fix them for non-steam users. Those of us on Steam are completely out of luck it seems, unless the developers choose to patch the game. Heck, they could take his patcher, apply it, and send that out as a patched client to Steam. But will they do this? Probably not because it seems Ubi has abandoned the game to work on other projects rather than give as a proper fix.

    Yes I am angry and no I will not be buying another Ubi game until I see a fix for the ones I currently own (every single one of my many Ubi games have major bugs that have NEVER been fixed).
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