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    Hi don't know if anyone has seen this yet,

    vid and more info in link


    its cost, a snip ahem at 19.1 million (and bound to rise).

    i am, how shall i put it, err deeply undewhelmed.

    your thoughts?
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    AndyJWest's Avatar Senior Member
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    Clearly based on Raaaid's infamous astronaut whirler.

    An improvement to the monument to the Unknown Electricity Pylon Designer they came up with earlier.

    Actually, I think if anything, it's influence seems to be constructivist architecture:

    Does Boris realise just where this came from?
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    Kapoor's pieces are usually quite interesting, but I think he had an off day when he thought this up.

    Nice sky though
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    I think it's very impressive, as is the maths involved in designing such a structure. To be honest, it's the design aspect of it that interests me the most. I can't really comment on the architectural qualities of it, I'll leave that to Prince Charles. I'm sure he'll be suitably horrified and that's probably worth £19m of anyone's money. But from an engineering point of view that thing is the dog's danglies. I'm not saying it's unique, take a look at some of the rides in places like Alton Towers, but hats off to London for having the guts to go ahead with it. I'd love to see some bigger images of it.
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    GoToAway's Avatar Senior Member
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    Wow... London is really doing a number on its skyline. I hope it's nowhere near the big ferris wheel.
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    Airmail109's Avatar Senior Member
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    Should have just stuck a 300 foot statue of Churchill there instead
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    That looks strangely familiar......

    I'm just sayin'.....

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    It's a bloody terrorist magnet! I have proofs!


    Complete with most realistic photo I've ever seen...

    "Imagine: This is what the London Olympic stadium might look like if terrorists were able to send a dirty bomb up the Thames"
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    DuxCorvan's Avatar Senior Member
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    Wow, a crushed roller coaster. What a pride...
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    WTE_Ibis's Avatar Senior Member
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    Well I have to agree with Prince Charles when he said that "architects have done more damage to London than the Luftwaffe managed to do" and they continue to do it.
    The big Ferris wheel and now this.

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