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    Posted Sat June 30 2007 08:19
    hi there
    Just bought splinter cell chaos theory, went to play the first level but theres a problem.

    The view controlled by the mouse is not working properly, when i try to look up or down the mouse doesnt stay in that posotion, it returns to a direct top view of the character, i can't look around properly as it always goes back to this point. There are no settings options for this iether, i tries inverting mouse that only changed the view from a direct birdseye vies to a view looking up at the character!!!

    any one know how to fix, or know who i can contact about this problem ??

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    make sure you don't have any game controlers/joystics plugged in and if you don't then you might have to go to the default.ini file in the C:....\Ubisoft\Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Chaos Theory\Versus\System folder and set the "UseJoystick=False"
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