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    Hi everyone
    After a long time i reinstalled Ghost Recon, for the good old times sake. I also want to check whats going on at Ubi.com, even if its dead.
    But i got the common error: "!!DialogLogin.Error.ERROR50!!"
    The Link to fix that on ghostrecon.net Multiplayer Support ( http://ghostrecon.net/faqs/ind...=4&id=124&artlang=en ) doesn`t work: http://gamingzone.ubisoft.com/...ages/GameService.exe
    Can anyone help me out please to get that file?
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    Bit late replying I know but I just fired up ubi online launcher and it appears to be dead anyway ie page not found or something like that.
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    the server is dead because Ubi didn't care about the handful of players who were left there (40 - 50 ppl)
    One day no one could host a game, or enter the lobby, and several mails were sent, all unanswered.
    I made a ghost recon 1.002 group for the people i still have contact with, total 30 members.
    We only play by ip now, so sadly no new players will be able to join us3
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