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    servers down again(since yesterday) on ps3 putting here since this is "technical help page"

    on another note Mr.Shade the link in your signature the page never loads on my computer its just an empty page i don't know how 2 send it to support hope u can take care of this unfortunate server downage be4 the double xp on Friday
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    any news on "server is not available until July 12, 2011 at 12:03 pm"? this stupid server is now down for more than 3 (!!) days already and July 12th passed w/o any improvement (even the notification still states JULY 12th)... shall I scrap my EW DVD and go for another game???
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    8/20/11-9/1/11 and on server down
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    I just finished playing a 4v4 match as JSF against Russia at Brenner pass (10/5/11 @ 18:55 EST).

    We won and on the stats screen I had 0 units killed (no one even fired on any downed units). I completed the game with all of my units including my 3 star CV. I checked the barracks, as I alwasy do, and BAM - my CV is now a 1 stripe!

    How and why did this happen? Has this happened to anyone else recently? Are the severs glitching and does Shanghai know about this error?

    Thank you,

    I play as DOBERMAN1 on a console.
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    Add me!! HiddenSilhouette (PS3)
    I hate playing lonely Skirmish all day...
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    Hello my dear UBI.(PS3)

    This is serverv12 writing to you.
    The date is 10/24/2011 and i have to bring to you that i guese someone clicked wrong button on your side because some of the people cant connect to the game server, and i a sure you it doesnt have anything to do with my speed connection wich is 12mb and it works fine with 256 lobby FPS shooter where people running on large scales of battle.
    My point is fix your server so people that want to play EndWar could play, and dont make it up just for US or some other regien exclusive.
    Because most of the people here or at least i bought the game for full price during it realese and we want our service as it should be.
    I'm sure its not hard to make a proper server that can hold 300 people at once with out crashing after a 30min-3hours of work, because i know people holding privet servers for MMO games that hold 5,000 people at once with out lag 24/7 and they are privet people with regular jobs with out owning a big game company that sometimes feel like their ripping off people by showing good game trailer and putting nice cover on the box.

    To the techy person that reads this, dude am sure its not you that makes the trouble and am sure you dont want any trouble but if you can , take this msg upstairs and push it in face of the "head" guy that runs all this.

    Because the community is little and its not that it should be really hard to do what we ask.
    By the way i live in Israel, where your ENDWAR might begin...

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    I try to play Theater of War on my xbox but it says that the servers are down at the moment just wondering why.. Support would be Great.
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    I'm waiting now for about 2 weeks for the server to work. I bought the game recently and I want to play Theater of War with my friend. Can somebody tell me what's going on ? I read about server issues in the past and I hope that the server will be back online soon.
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    Xbox 360 Theater of War not working End War

    I had End War when it first came out and had not really played it so I traded it in. Realizing what a stupid mistake I had made I purchased the game again. One of the reasons I did this was because Theater of War was the most amazing thing I had played. But it does not work. No matter how much I try I get the same message "Server not available at this time. Please try again later." This is really annoying me because I now can play the game for what I purchased it for. Please sort it out or give me some help. Thank you
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    I get this error when im trying to play online.

    Disconnected: Your local network is not available. Please try again later.

    http://puu.sh/1E6SV Image/Photo

    Down below, NOT TRUE!

    Q: When I try to log into the Theater of War I get a message saying “Your local network connection is not available”, what’s up?

    A: This can be due to many issues, include but not limited to these:
    Net cable isn’t plugged, a problem with your ISP, Windows firewall is blocking the game, the firewall of router is blocking the game. Please note that Port 3074 (support both incoming and outgoing) needs to be open on any firewall (windows or router). This one is vital.

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