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    I found in GR2, most maps were to small.

    It quicly became a run and gun game where both teams simply met in the midle of the map instead of using tactics and teamwork.
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    The disgner said that they want to make maps veristale. This means that there are goin to be like three ways to the objective your goin to. Maybe this means multiplayer.
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    In OGR, there was at least 4 different spawn point. I hope we see this again. And make the maps big enough so we can take different routes and have time to set things up.
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    The answer to all your problems is running through my mind. It's easy, just creat one HUGE! level, of the entire city of Mexico City, add 3 vehicles (humvee, raft w/ gun, black hawk), write software that creates random spawn points X amount of meters from enemies, allow for 100+ players...have fun!

    Seriously though, watch that ghost recon 3 video where the 4-6 guys blow up the tank, & 1 gets hit. When they look down the street it seems to go on for miles & miles, it would be so awesome, just sneaking around through a vast city, and be able to go into every building and take position in a high window...that would be pretty cool!

    Edit: Of course the raft may not be included, I'm not sure if there is any water in mexico city
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