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    rayman is fast in some way.plus it funny how the bug is holding the blue guy.
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    awesome game. It's worth buying
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    I've got only words of praise for the UbiArt team, this is a brilliant release!

    I'm actually one of the very few 90's child gamers cheering for the industry to prioritize 2D sidescrolling (or 2.5D) games, as the state of graphics hardware suits it perfectly.
    3D games, no matter how many AAA's they have and how big the budget or requirements, still look blurry and suffer from the well-known "Uncanny valley" syndrome.

    If more sidescrolling classics such as Abe's Oddworld, Crash Bandicoot, Wild 9 and the bunch were to be modernised in a similar manner as Rayman Origins.. I'd be the happiest man out there.
    Much, much props for this creative effort, it's a really refreshing and happy go lucky title, brought me back into my younger years, can't thank you enough for that
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    A great, fun and up-lifting game with brilliant gameplay. For it's price, a must buy.
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    Rayman origins is a game where you have to think fast. And then you go like: Ohh s***,what next,what that! I love it so much and I found it on the internet the hole game for free! On Steam it costs 30$,and that a little to much for my taste! But it's a cool game and I would buy it,but I found it for free!
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    I just wanted to thank Ubisoft for not using always online/persistent connection drm in this game.
    I played the demo on the vita and have bought it through steam (it's too gorgeous to limit it to the smaller vita screen when I have a brand new 1920x1080 monitor).
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    The game is extremely fun & addictive
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    Ryman game very beautiful thank Ubisoft Thanks to all my love
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    I was eagerly waiting for a new game.Really Rayman legends is a wonderful game which is different from others.Efforts of UBI SOFT are really appreciable.Great work done.It is funny as well as adventures game.I like it very much.
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