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    Can someone tell me what the hell you guys doing with the server?It worked all fine even over night and these days.SO??
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    1.Not work
    2.Not work
    3.Not work
    4.Not work
    5.Not work

    Pd. I paid for a single player game that "works" and I can`t play because your server has problems. Not users problems. I miss when you put a CD and you play without stupids registrations and stupids problems like this.

    Pd2. Sorry, my English is not very good
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    Server is Offline, come on guys, i have few days free from work and Now u set me up
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    Still not working!

    I have never, ever been this frustrated over any game before!
    This is the first time I write a negative response to anything.
    I feel so cheated, I want my money back!

    UPlay is more like UDontPlay. Biggest fail in gaming history!

    Only known SOLUTION is to download a pirate version of the game. They at least work.
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    Extremely frustrating, this sucks..
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    it makes no sense , that customers shall work their way thru the problem,by trying all kinds of different methods, updating firewalls'?wtf?uninstalling all kinds of crap and reinstalling,,wtf nono?a customer go to the store,,pays for the fkin game,goes home,install,play,save,load,play etc UBISOFT GO **** YOURSELVES
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    "Frustrated" does not begin to describe the emotion behind not being able to continue playing this game. Please provide timely updates on this site when the server is down and when it will next be operational. Please in your next patch give us the ability to save locally as well as on the server so that we can play when the server is down.
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    Ubisoft, just die, please? No customer should ever be treated like this. I hope you go bankrupt, I hope the people who thought up this mess never work again, I hope I can find a quick pirating solution so I never have to log on to your stupid server again. Wonder why people don't want to pay for games anymore? This is why. Logging onto a server a cure? Nope, because those who cracked it are playing, and those who where paying are cracked.
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    Probably the worst customer service I have ever encountered for a game I shelled out $50 for. Never again....this site will never get another dime from me. Disgraceful at its best.
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    OMG I am having this problem too... 1st time encounter after playing so many games on Steam

    SO what is wrong, U cant expect people to follow the steps and off the fire wall and start deleting etcetc... This is dangerous

    Why other games all I play do not have this problem? Because this is Ubisoft problem

    Please resolve it as soon as possible

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