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    I,m currently enjoying GWX..but keep seeing references to Warship mod.I have watched a few videos on Youtube and quite impressed and wonder if anyone has any thoughts or pointers on this mod.I realise it takes me away from submerged state to surface state,but it might be interesting to command a destroyer or cruiser for a while.What do you think?
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    Some years ago there was an S-Boot mod for SH3 but I don't know if it was ever completely finished. The only 'surface ship' options I am aware of is the remote command of a surface group in the U-Boat add-on to SH4.

    Try doing a search over at Subsim mods forums. Can't help you any further, I'm afraid. Good luck.

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    I have long time havn't been here...I thought you guys must forget me yet...but,you really impress me!
    Right now,I'm back,with SH3 Warship Mod V3.0,both for SH3 V1.4 and GWX3.0.
    And some news of my Wolf Ocean Mod V3.3.
    For GWX3.0
    For SH3 V1.4
    WSM3.0 has 3 parts:
    SSTypeVIIB=Deustchland Class Pocket Battleships
    SSTypeIXB=Scharnhorst Class Battlecruisers
    SSTypeIXD2=Bismarck Class Battleships
    SSTypeVIIB=Type 1936A(MOB) Class Destroyers
    SSTypeIXB=Aircraft Carrier "Graf Zeppelin"
    SSTypeIXD2=Hipper Class Heavy Cruisers
    SSTypeVIIB=Type 1924 Class Fleet Torpedoboats
    SSTypeIXB=Type 1934 Class Destroyers
    SSTypeIXD2=Light Cruiser "Leipzig"

    Those U-boat types not listed (includes Type IIA,IID,VIIC,VIIC/41,VIIC/42,IXC,IXC/40,XXI)
    are not modified to warships,you still can use these submarines in Multiplayer games.

    found here.......

    SHIII Mods Workshop

    You should also check out the screen shots.....amazing...then type in warship mod 3 on Youtube.....
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    This mod is equally excellent in single player mode. It's only unfortunate that it does not get on well with the 'Marat', for example.
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    unable to find SH3 Warship Mod V3
    on http://www.filefront.com/14681581/WSM3.0GWX3.0.rar

    can you help pls?
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    Try here


    Username: Maik
    Password: Woelfe

    Look for Chinese U-47 and check in his folder for it.
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    Can't you get some playable amercian and japanese battleships,why always german battleships.
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    as ubi forum in Dutch than I could tell you about some things like other people .
    I must always go to google translate,
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