yesterday I started to play the incredible demo of Uru and I was quite impressed. But after being disappointed by some other highly anticipated games I'm quite suspicious now and would like to ask a few questions, before I decide to buy the game or not.

1.) Is this game over after 10 hours or does it take longer? The time it took to complete some other games I played this year was quite a hoax (Unreal2 or EF2).

2.) Are the controls fully customizable? I will never get used to the configuration of the demo... I would like to play the game like I play Egoshooters, meaning free mouse look without pressing a button, right mouse button forward, middle mouse button (that is thumb button) backward, left mouse button action (what ever this is, pressing buttons, pulling levers), jump, duck, strafe with the keyboard...

3.) Is the game linear? Does my actions effect the story?

4.) Any known but still unsolved (even after the patch) issues with ATI grafic cards (got a Radeon 9600pro, the demo looked awesome, only at a few places the textures looked kind of washed out). The demo ran fine without any problems and at a descent speed even with everything maxed out.

5.) And finaly is the whole game as good as the demo promisses?

It would be nice if you could give me some good answers to my question, and have in mind that I will base my buying decision on them (plus I will play the demo again and play it through, did not have the time to complete it yesterday and you can't save).