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    Hey guys,

    We've released an update to our pre-release version of the 1.02 patch of Heroes Over Europe.

    Download v1.02.1 Patch

    v1.02.1 addresses the following issues:

    - Fixed issues with creating/joining Online games getting stuck with certain network interfaces.
    - Game now reads all joystick devices for input, should solve issues with unresponsive joysticks.

    This builds upon the existing fixes for v1.02:

    - Fixed crash closing the game window while in LAN mode.
    - Fixed issues that caused players to occasionally appear on the wrong team in team-based games.
    - Team Survivor matches no longer end spontaneously under certain conditions.
    - Added support for 32 button joysticks; particularly, the Saitek X52.
    - Added support for loading default controller configurations from XML on disk.
    - Added default controller configurations for:
    - Thrustmaster FireStorm Dual Power 2
    - Thrustmaster FireStorm Dual Analog 2
    - Thrustmaster Flight HOTAS X
    - Thrustmaster T.Flight Stick X
    - Saitek Cyborg 3D Gold
    - Saitek Cyborg X
    - Saitek X52 Flight Control System
    - Logitech Cordless RumblePad 2
    - Mouse sensitivity increased, and is now specified in the default.xml controller configuration.

    Again, this patch is not yet "official", so make sure you make a backup of your save game from here, in case things go pear-shaped:

    C:\Documents and Settings\username\Application Data\Ubisoft\Heroes Over Europe\

    If you are still having trouble accessing Online games or your joystick is still completely non-responsive, let us know.

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    - Fixed issues with creating/joining Online games getting stuck with certain network interfaces.
    I can verify that it works for me.

    Thanks for the support Blair.
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    i installed the patch, but still i can´t use my joystick (Saitek Cyborg 3D Force).
    i´ve tried everything which is written in these forums here, but until now nothing works for me.

    OS: win xp pro engl.
    maybe it´s not working for me, due to my german version of this game?
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    ahhhh .. its a disaster
    theres 7 guys in a game online.. but i cant join cause they dont have the patch yet.

    guess I need to be patient that bit longer.
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    I'm using a Saitek Av8r joystick and the game still won't respond to it. Do you have plans on adding support for the Av8r joystick?
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    I'm using a Saitek Av8r joystick as well, it is the AV8R-01 model. It seemed to recognize the movement and buttons just fine once I got into the mission. Make sure you have the latest drivers installed for it and make sure it shows up in the game controllers within Windows.
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    Logitech Force 3D not working for me, with any of the patches.

    See dxdiag at http://ogun.org/hoe/DxDiag.txt
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    same here...

    Logitech Force 3D STILL NOT WORKING!

    OS: Vista Business...

    Waiting for next patches...
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    When i try to install the patch i get a Error opening file for writing error :S
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    solved i moved the old exe to a diffrent folder and then the patch worked like a charm
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