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    Hi All,

    2 of my mates and me we tried to play Vegas 2 online tonight. The other 2 chaps are living in the same country. One of them started an I-Net server and the guy from the same country saw it and could join. Unfortunately his server never came up on my list.

    Why is that? Why cant I see and obviously active game server?

    Is there a way to join by IP or setup a friends list?

    I think its rubbish that Vegas 2 is tellin me what servers I can play on.

    Any help is much appreciated.

    Thx a lot.
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    Ubisoft didn't find it useful to include options for joining by IP or friends list for whatever reason!
    Probably the same as why they never fixed or finished the game!

    Have you or your friend tried hosting to see if the others can see you?
    When hosting you will need to forward ports if you are behind a router.

    Here are the ports for Vegas 2:

    80, 3074

    3074 - 3174
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    I Think it is really annoying to spent money on games which then dont really work. Starting a MP Server in Raven Shield was a pain as well. It all could be so easy but UBI seems to like to pi** off their customers.

    This was meant as a test session. We were only 3 peeps. 2 living in one country and me living in a different one. My friend started an online (Internet) server and the remaining 2 tried to find it. It came up on the game list of the guy who lives in the same country as the server host. Even tho he always got kicked right away every time he joined. My friends game server never appeard on my list. We tried to find a 3 party game server to play on and even there we did not have the same.

    I think this experience based server listing sux balls tbh. Thats the time when you really appreciate Call of Duty 4.

    Guess I should have sticked with that game instead of throwing money down UBI's throat.

    It would be very cool if someone would have an answer to get this solved.

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    Our entire gaming group gave up on Ubisoft months ago, and have now switched to COD WaW and other games.
    WaW does have a friends list and we have never had a problem finding or joining any game.

    The Treyarch/Activision master server never fails, and WaW is virtually lag free.

    Our money will not go to another Ubisoft game after the many problems with Vegas 2.

    Some of our group are also playing L4D, COD4, United Offensive, and maybe a couple of others.

    I personally prefer WaW!
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    COD 4 is a ton better game than WaW. We at Ten24 are really looking forward to COD 4 Modern Warfare 2.

    We have put a ton of time into getting the Ten24 Vegas 2 server working. We have a nice dedicated server running in Virginia. We also like the Squadgames server!

    If you ever want to game in Vegas 2, visit our server.

    Server: Team Leader Mode

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    Well.. thanks for your feeback guys. It was surely the last time I spend money on a UBI game. Really a shame that I convinced 4 of my friends to buy Vegas 2 as well.

    I cant wait to see COD Modern Warfare 2. I am sure it will be very good.

    Next game on my list is Operation Flashpoint 2. I watched some trailers and it looks amazig. If you want to check it out... Operation Flashpoint 2

    Thanks again and take care,

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