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    I purchased the HOMM6 deluxe edition. My account was created as I entered my information and purchased the game.

    I wasn't asked to enter a username and was automatically given this horribly generic shop4E26AB489 user name. If this name appears when I play HOMM6 online I want the option to change it.

    I've tried editing my profile information but it does not let me change my username.

    Otherwise, please let me create a new account and transfer my purchase to that account.

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    Unfortunately you do not have the ability to change your username on your end. Please contact your regions support office for details on how we can help you though. You can find a list of contact numbers here
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    Wow! That's just sad.
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    This is Friggen sad. This has left me really regetting purchasing the preorder.
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    I'ts unbelievable!!! I hope they change that very quickly!!! I cant play with my gamertag
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    awwwww come on. Give us 1 chance to change the username it's ****** unbelievable that we can't change our name. I won't buy revelations if this won't change ffs.
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    seriously?!?!?! this is ******ed.... >.<
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    <<< I have the same hence the sweet name I have now, I am official just a Shopnumber now You ever thought of tattooing it on the arm of a customer? Might be a nice idea for the future...

    If I knew this I would have not bound the game after digital purchase and made a new account... Which I did but the serial can't be used anymore now :/

    A great hero called Shopblablabla3247203283492 entered the world of Noobisoft...

    Seriously, go fix this at once unless you want me to unleash my Twitter and FaceBook skills to say how poorly this purchase system and usernaming convention is.

    I can understand that customers buying a game should fill in as less forms as possible to speed up sellings but automatically generating a not changeable accountname is @$@#$^@$

    So either change it so we can change the accountname or make it so that I can unregister my game key on my premade Shop account so I can attach it to a new selfmade account... (sadly having to use a different email adres as well ending up with filling in more forms)...
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    I created this nickname long time ago. And it's the name of some Pokemon o_O...
    And when I enter Assassin's Creed Brotherhood Multiplayer almost everytime I watch or hear when somebody is saying:

    "Hey look everyone some pokemon just logged in"
    "Why you have pokemon name lol?"
    "lOl he has pokemon name omg"
    "Is your nickname is the same as some pokemon name?"

    It's really really annoying. Guess we will have to buy new games and attach them to new account.
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    Well, as you can see from my username, I've got the same problem. And the closest regional office from Russia is UK? All this kinda suxx.
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