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    I have logged on through my laptop and paid for the internet, but my PS3 is timing out and giving me the 80028E02 error message. Any help would be greatly apprecited.
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    Let me ask you this. When you are connected to the hotel's internet with your laptop, do you have to log in via a web page? If so, that could be the entire reason for your error. Now, if you can set up your laptop for internet connection sharing, you should be able to connect your PS3 to your laptop to be able to game. You mght have to open some ports through your software firewall (or configure your firewall) in order to do so.

    What hotel are you at that you have to pay for the connection? I haven't paid one cent for any internet in the over the last 2 years when I have been staying in a hotel and I stay in one at least once a week (or months at a time depending on the job).
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    I am at a Marriot in LA. I did have to go to webpage and say "i accept the charges". I only have the cheaper PS3 with no wireless campabilities. Can I still use my laptop to connect my PS3? If so, how? I have a verizon wireless internet car or I will use the hotel enthernet cord if need be. Let me know how this can be done. Thanks
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    How many Cat5 outlets do you have on your laptop? What OS are you using?

    Connect via the wireless with your laptop, plug the PS3 into your laptop.

    In Network Connections, you should be able to find the help file that will lead you to sharing the connection. Follow those instructions.
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    I only have one Cat5 on my laptop. I will try what you said. Thanks.
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    I can't guarentee that this will work, but it is worth a shot. I hope it does, it will be something to remember if it does.

    Post back any and all results for future reference.

    I am headed to bed. Later and your welcome.
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    I did that and I am still unable to connect the PS3. Also my laptop keeps telling me that the local connection has no connectivity. I am heading to bed too but would really like to get on tomorrow. Any more ideas would be appreciated. Thanks again.
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    Hell ya. I figured it out. I set up a network.Now I can use my verizon card and not even have to pay. Sweet!!!!!!!
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    That's awesome!

    -and I thought I had a gaming problem...
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    Hey. Im staying at a super8 hotel with a great wireless, and ethernet from the wall. i've set them both up using the internet sharing and everything with a mbp. i also downloaded mediashare to help improve my connectability. the internet is free, all i do is click accept terms of use button and proceed to homepage. also recieving error message 80710102 aswell.???? anyone have any helpful suggestions for a new member here?
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