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    Have got someone a activation code or somthing. I can;t find it in the manual but I can't play it without that code

    Can sombody help me???

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    The serial should be on a sticker on the front of the manual.
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    I have the serial number but I don't have the activation code for the registration
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    If you are in the options menu on a page asking for an activation code, that is asking for the activation code for the extras that came with the limited edition game that was sold. There is no activation code for that screen unless you have the limited edition. If you ar trying to start the game and it is asking for an activation code, then it is asking for the serial number.
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    My name is Robert, I connect here for not make double post. Yesterday I bought Expansions for Settlers 6, but I cant start play becouse I must give activation code, becouse I havent any serial number in ER box I use code from my basic Settlers game but I cant connect tu server for veryfication. Serial number with main game works whitout problem.

    My question is
    1. Get you serial code in Expamsion box?
    2. What is wrong that I cant connect tu Ubisoft server for veryfication.

    Thank you

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    Are you aware that you need the original cd in the drive even when you want to play The Eastern Realm games?
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    Thank you for fast ansfer.
    I have all: Settlers 6 and expansion.
    I installed main game and anything is good, I can play single ang multiplayers game. Yesterday I installed expansions Estern Realms. But after instalation if click for PLAY and I cant becouse game/secure program want activation code.
    But in my box of Estern Realms I havent any erial number, I have only in my Rise of Empire box one. I try use this but after puting code I cant connecting with ubisoft serwer.
    My question is that in Ester Realm`s box is normaly another serial for expansion or not.
    Ans also why I cant connet to serwer. I try with any CDs and without and always this same window ask me for activation and this same story again...

    I bought this as a gift for my wife and she cant play.
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    I am having the same problem.

    I have installed the expansion disk from the gold edition. The game automaticly downloads the patches. They are installed. But when i want to start the game- having the original disk in the drive, it askes for an activation code. I need to go to this page


    but it does not exist anymore.

    I have tried to change the .ini file. I cant edit it. I can copy it, change it and paste it back again, but i am not convinced it works!

    I have reinstalled 5 times, to install the pathes one by one. Patch 1.6 makes the game go to the internet.

    What can I do to make my game work?

    Please help me

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    Could all of you having this problem with the Eastern Realm expansion, please give more details, and post them in this thread:
    Activation Problems with Eastern Realm
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    i am adib and i installed anno 1404 and it is asking me for the serial number and also the activation code.

    so my questions are----

    1)where can i find my activation code and what is it?

    2)what is my serial number and where can i find it?

    thanks in advance.
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