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    WSA told me that you (Burke1stSgt.) were the forums "tech guru". So I was wondering if you could PM me your AIM or Xfire and help me out with some computer upgrades cause I know very little about it.
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    xfire is 1stsgtburke we can discuss it here to..up to you...
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    I sent you an friend invitation...but I dont know if I did it right. Ive only used Xfire twice.

    Anyways, the stuff I need help on is (in order of importance):
    1. DVD-ROM
    2. Memory
    3. Video Card
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    Pretty much solved...let me know if you need more help dude. Nice talkin with ya.
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    Yep, thanks a lot. Should be ordering atleast the memory and DVD drive this weekend. Maybe the video card too.

    Actually, I got one more question:
    How big of a difference between the 6600 and the 6600 GT? Is it worth the 40-50 bucks (and 128 mb)?
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    Faster clock speed, 128mb more ram...itll definately last you longer in the long run. If you dont mind uping your budget I would go with the 6600GT.
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    Well, the GT is only 128 mb and the non- GT is 256 mb.

    So is the GT just a better card despite the fact that it has 128 mb less?
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    I was thinkin the PCI-E cards sorry....If you can, get the GT. While it may have 128mb less ram, its core speed is faster. Which makes the card faster.
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    I think I may end up getting the GT...which will be nice.
    My dad is like "well, we might just want to get new computers." (he doesnt know any better) he wont let me build my own yet though, so I will probably be able to convince him to get the GT. He thinks its gonna be real hard to put in and we will have to pay like 100 or so bucks to have someone do it. So if he understands that I can do it, I might be able to get the GT or maybe even a 6800 if I play my cards right.

    But it looks like I'll have a DVD-ROM, 1 gig of ram and atleast the 6600 GT sometime this week (once he gets home)

    So thanks again for all the help.
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    Your welcome man...If ya need more help im here.
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