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    I have tried playing over LAN with my friend but when we try to join a game which one of us starts up it says that the game server couldnt validate the cd key (cant remember the exact message) how do i stop it doing this?

    Also is there a way to play multiplayer without a CD?
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    Does the LAN have Internet access?

    How is you LANs TCP/IP config, i.e. how do you assign IPs to each machine?

    If the LAN has Inet tehn first make sure to do as explained in these articles at Ubisoft Solution Center: How can I connect more than one computer on my LAN to play on the Internet?

    Error: 'CD Key Already In Use' when playing on a LAN

    If you are just running a simple LAN no Inet I suggest you do it this way:

    Set static IPs on the LAN, in the TCP/IP settigns of the network interface cards:




    and perhaps use the settings from the two articles above: m_bValidActivationID=True on both machines.

    If when joining or creating a server in the no Inet LAN then just click check mark and let it try to authenticate and since there is no Inet it will just time out.

    Make sure not to set a gateway IP in the LAN or the game will probably 'think' that it is the gateway to Internet access and probably cause problems, if you haven't set up the ini as suggested in the two posts.
    A gateway IP is not needed in a simple workgroup based LAN, unless it has to connect to the Inet.
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    One of the computers has the internet but we dont want to use the internet,

    What happens is that on of us will start a server but the other computer can only seem to connect to the server if the computer that is trying to join is connected to the internet.

    And sometimes we have to actually connect to the internet to start up a server.

    (hope this makes sense)
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    If you use the Internet, or the LAN is hooked up to the LAN you need to set the PCs RvS ini files as explained in the two links, read both as some of the info is only in one of them.

    Otherwise set up the LAN with the IPs as instructed above with NO gateway. This will make it a LAN with no Internet. An active gateway will make it look for Internet.

    Use the network wizard for setting up a small or home network in the Network Connections and set it up as you like, when wizard is finished then restart and set the IPs etc.
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    thanks for the help it work perfectly now
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