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    Ok, so I bought the game today, a PC-DVDROM and it starts fine but then when I'm installing it comes up with the 'Path' (where to save it onto the disk???) But in the brochure it says it will suggest a path (Something like: c:\program files\ubisoft\Beyond Good & Evil) But it does come up, its just blank, i try filling it in, like in the brochure, but it doesnt work, i try finding a saving path. But every location i choose it says something like Incorrect Path...??? It anybody could suggest a solution i would be so grateful!! Thanks x
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    Originally posted by togood2btrue:
    Not Installing Correctly.
    Can you tell which Operating System/OS are you using (32/64 bit), and how many Hard drive partitions are there on your System ? Is the Installation path and location field Blank, when you insert your DVD ?

    Are you using the DVD's Autorun Menu to install the game ? Instead of using this, browse the DVD contents and locate the game's installer file e.g. SETUP.EXE, and click on this file to install the Game. Also right-click on this file and select the "Run as Administrator" option, if using Windows 7 or Vista OS.

    You can also Browse to the location where you need to install the Game. When you run the Game's Setup.exe file or the main Installer, it should ask you to select and choose any folder of your choice (Custom install).

    Don't fill the installation path manually, select the Browse button to choose a location, if there is such an option. But if this is not working properly, then first create any New folder of your Choice and name it as GAMES.

    e.g. D:\Games. Then try to install the game under this new Folder which you have just created. Just see if this works or not ? Are you selecting a correct Windows Folder and location ? Also make sure you have enough free Hard drive space for the full game installation.

    I would usually try to avoid the default path i.e. 'C:\program files\ubisoft\Beyond Good & Evil". As a side note, can you Copy all the DVD contents on your Hard Drive ?

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