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    Does the kill camera work for anyone else? doesn't seem to work when we use it in games.
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    dude this games perfect with out kill camera because it lets u be more tatical if u saw where the guy shot u it would give away his position
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    There is no kill camera.
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    there is a kill camera go to match settings in any adversial mode it will either says yes or no but nothing changes whether you turn it on or off.

    I wasn't debating the tactical levels of the game i simply asked if it worked for anyone else
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    Actually, there is really no kill camera. All the setting does is point to the direction where you got killed from.
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    Its not like call of duty 4. It just shows where or who the shot came from, it doesnt replay it. i think thats it, i dont have the game yet, but thats what ive heard.
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    I don't like cod4 but i think i know what your getting at.

    And sour_ the setting is called "kill camera" so to say it doesn't excist is slightly inaccurate whether it's different to cod4 or not i don't really care i asked the simple question of if it worked because i couldn't notice any difference in play after i died so i had no idea what it was.
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    When you die, your point of view turns and points in the direction the shot came from. It does not zoom in. It does not show a replay. It only points where the shot came from and nothing else. Personally I think it wrecks the game, as it takes away any attempt to snipe more than one shot or find a hidden location.
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