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    Ok people. Maybe this is a little bit too late for this game, but I wanted to play with my girl and desided to unlock spiette character for her.
    And I managed to do it.
    However...I had to replace Hardcore spy suit in order to activate one of the female skins.
    Here are instructions:

    1) go to ..\SCDA-Online\Packages\_Common\Video
    And delete Hardcore_Spy.bik file
    Make a copy of Hardcore_Spyiette.bik and rename that copy to Hardcore_Spy.bik

    2) Now you need a HEX editor. I personally used HEX editor Neo.
    Go to ..\SCDA-Online\System\PC
    And open SC4Specific.u with your HEX Editor search for a line "PawnSpy_Zero" we will start from here. Below you will see line

    .PawnSpy_One.... .APipeHPrToSt....
    using REPLACE method change PawnSpy_One to PawnSpiette_One
    It will look something like this .PawnSpiette_One .APipeHPrToSt....
    The number of digits MUST be the same...DO NOT add or delete anything..only replace in order to maintain the same size of the file.

    Scroll a bit lower and find
    .PawnSpiette_One.... .PawnSpiette_Two....
    Change PawnSpiette_One to PawnSpy_One
    You will get something like this
    .PawnSpy_One_One.... .PawnSpiette_Two....

    Now we need to get rid of that extra "_One" we cant just delete it since file size will change
    So we just change bit codes of "_One" from "5f 4f 6e 65" to "00 10 00 07"

    Save and go check your unlocked skin. Dind't test it for MP, most likely it won't work or kick you for hacks... however..if both players have this should work.

    And not forget to backup your files before you start screwing with them.

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    I have a Runtime error, why?
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    Hi Jekka_97, please open a ticket with Technical Support, the link is in my signature.
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    Originally Posted by jekka_97 Go to original post
    I have a Runtime error, why?
    You did the wrong thing, I am pretty sure. Kerag is right, i can unlock full three female agent character now in that way. If anyone wants the fully edited unlocked file just feel free to contact me.

    Since it is highly required by gamers in this community and from all over the world, I would like to share the file of fully unlocked 3 spyiettes here:
    But notice:
    1. Find SC4Specific.u and rename to:
    extract the unlocked file from the zip to ...\SCDA-Online\System\PC\

    2. Rename your male spy video files to:
    3.Rename your spyiette video files from
    ...\SCDA-Online\Packages\_Common\Video\ k



    Now it is fully ready to go. image:

    But actually, I prefer this combinaton: Casual SPY + Pro Spyiette + Pro SPY.
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    female spy

    it still doesnt work i have all f ree ulocked but i cant play as them (((
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    Originally Posted by evenfighter381 Go to original post
    it still doesnt work i have all f ree ulocked but i cant play as them (((
    Have you replaced ...\SCDA-Online\System\PC\SC4Specific.u with my unlocked file?
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    we got female spy working but it only works when somenone has the same file i want trainer pls we still play it on pc
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