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    Originally Posted by Ghost_Squad1991 Go to original post
    I think that this hasn't been mentioned yet: the objective markers are really annoying, because it can block i tiny part of the screen.

    I'd like it to fade so it becomes transparant or that it fades away when you look that way.
    I totally agree, the best thing would be the ability to toggle them off completely in options.
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    sup devs and gms,

    there should be a lobby VOIP once a match is found. so that you can talk to everyone who is going to be in a match.

    i dont know if there will be a strong clan base for this game, but either way an option to go against a particular group of people (players choice) should be available.

    there should be an in match menu for social interactions, similar to how one can pull up xbox dashboard ingame to send a message (text or voice), invite player to party, so on and so forth.

    pretty sure this has been raised but for reinforcement, customization of pistols would be nice.

    i dont know how complicated this is or how costly, but i think it would be great for this game to have an in game theater/gameplay recorder so that you dont have to rely on third party screen capturing software, similar to Halo and COD Black Ops, mostly Halo.

    those are my suggestions for the time being - really increase social activity throughout the experience - for the most part.

    have a nice day
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    Ok well servers are down for maintenance - so I'll just throw some stuff out there.

    1) abilities
    +blitz - should block more shots so the assault has a bit better chance of reaching his target(s)
    +blitz - should apply a blackout ability cancelling effect to targets that are hit (ie: if I hit a spec who has his bubble up, cancel the bubble so my team that's following me (yea right) can kill him)
    +blitz - add a small bit of damage to blitz - after all you are running at 3-4x normal speed and putting yourself in harms way - 20-30 would be plenty (and this would cancel recon cloak too! no more hitting cloaked recons and going wtf!!?)
    +blitz - allow a blitz user to jump/climb over objects - so annoying that this is the only ability that you can't do it with, and often has to be cancelled in order to follow a target/kill a target.
    -blackout - remove the full duration ability burn on non-active abilities (still burn out the active ones, but ones that are not in use should not be burned out - this punishes the player hit by blackout for 2m after a death by the specialist (already punished).
    +cloak - should be harder to see at long range when the recon isn't moving
    +cloak - increase damage given while cloaked
    +heat - currently does next to no damage, this could be improved 600% or more since the assault is incapable of dealing damage while it is active
    +heat - remove all movement impairing effects
    +heat - increase duration 2-3 seconds
    +heat - make it more fun to use
    +heat - suppress grenade tossing as well
    +heat - targets in the suppression field should not be able to fire at all (ala, people hit by blackout). Currently, players taking cover can still fire so long as they are not in direct LOS of the heat user.
    +heat - allow the heat user to defend himself in some way: currently vulnerable to ranged shots, grenades, melee, corner shots, etc, without the ability to retaliate or dodge at all.
    +heat - make it more evident when it is being used (friendly and enemy)
    -aegis - reduce duration 2-3 seconds

    2) weapons / armor
    -change weapon order/stats to allow for some kind of obvious progression from gun to gun, so people don't stick with the lvl 10-15 guns indefinitely IE: make each gun better than the last in some way, +1 dmg, +10 rof, +5 accuracy/whatever. MK16 sv is best in the top 3 categories for AR's - what's the incentive to upgrade? maybe this means buffing/nerfing every gun?
    -all shotguns - balance rate of fire would be nice (currently most are more like Gatling cannons), increase damage to compensate if necessary
    -all shotguns - getting hit by a shotgun (almost all) currently sends your aim off a crazy distance - at least 3-4x the distance the recoil from the shotgun moves the shooter's aim - this can at times, make it nearly impossible to kill high lvl shotgun users, even if you get the drop on them. Would suggest increasing shotgun recoil or adjusting the amount the aim of someone hit by a shotgun gets thrown off (they already do huge damage when they hit you).
    -semi auto sniper rifles - major issue imo since they are rail guns - currently can outgun AR's on full auto in cqc. Feels weird to be an assault firing full auto and be taken down by rapid shots at point blank range from a sniper rifle. shrug. Also just one of these can lockdown a huge portion of any given map when used correctly.
    +grenades - more types please (flashbangs/smoke/etc)
    +add more options for cammo style on armors - I realize these are currently visual indicators of level - but having 2 or 3 per armor type wouldn't be awful.
    +examine/balance armor protection % and movement % (ie: some assault armor is currently 21% dmg reduction, -8% movement. who would ever buy this? that would make you a freaking slug, and provides far more negative value than positive (next closest is I think 18% dmg reduction, +3% movement). Personally I don't think any armor should knock more than maybe 3% off the movement speed.

    3) in-game / combat
    +fire mode key binds. IE: allow users to bind keys to firemode 1 (full auto), firemode 2 (burst), firemode 3 (semi auto) so they don't have to toggle (or miss-toggle) firing modes
    +grenade switching/canceling. There should be some way to cancel throwing a grenade. Currently you have to switch weapons to abort a throw - meaning wasted ammo and noise. IE: I have aimed a grenade but a team mate ran in the way - crap I can't abort it.. I guess I have to throw it in the corner. Or switch to a gun and (since the fire ****on is down with the grenade), start firing off rounds immediately.
    -nerf floor diving hard. This should be applied to any stance change really (except perhaps sliding) - to eliminate the ability to maintain aim / accurate fire while switching stances. Applying this to all stance changes would also eliminate "pop shooting" as well as "drop shotting" and other unrealistic elements of gameplay - whether the individual is moving or not.
    +fix weird corner bugs that show the player facing one way, yet able to fire in a completely different direction. ie: player behind cover facing left can sometimes fire right (client updates/netcode?)
    +fix prone incline glitch (player needs to be significantly above the current field of view) - at least 1/2 the head should be showing and target-able when the scope is even partially above the lip of an incline. Likely, the full head should be showing since the gun barrel would not be above ground if the player's shoulder was ****ing the gun.
    +fix scopes so that target indicators do not obscure the target (ie: make them semi-transparent)
    +fix scopes more - so that they don't shake uncontrollably when looking around some corners (usually occurs while standing and peering around a corner, fixed by dropping stances and peering - but there's no reason for it to wig out the way it currently does)
    +add the ability to see own ping on ingame scoreboard
    +fix scoreboard overlapping chat box in smaller resolutions
    +fix sounds at the end of a match repeating while scoreboard is up
    +fix "killed by xyz with gun abc" graphic from overlapping the scoreboard when killed right at the end of the round (bottom center)
    +allow server based team balancing during warmup (ie: so there are an equal number of players per team @ match start) suggestion: at the end of warmup, place all players in a pool that gets divided equally between teams (priority to splitting multiple fireteams for balance).
    +add tiered matchmaking? (ie: lvl 1-5, 6-15, 16-30 tiers - or other such method).
    +find a solution to matchmaking so teams are not horribly unbalanced by a single class if possible (ie: one team will have 2-3 of each class, the other team will be 8 of 1 class) annoying
    +speed up team filling - if a player (or multiple) drop during game play, it currently takes forever for the server to find people to fill those spots (5+ minutes usually) - this can, and should be much faster if you do not implement auto team balancing, or the ability for players to manually balance.

    4) menus / store / inventory / equipped gear
    +remove bluring effect while in menus when a new window comes to the front. SUPER annoying both visually and functionally
    +adjust size of inventory/store item slots - really shouldn't have to scroll at any point ideally.
    +Helmets being more useful would be nice (another socket, or hardcoded stats IE: +1 speed, +5 handling/whatever). IE: a beret may provide benefits to movement and handling, while a full helmet provides more armor, toughness, or regen. Something more than just a visual indicator of "I had too much RP"
    +Loot from lootboxes should replace the place the lootbox occupied
    +add some functionality to see what helmets look like on your player (you can already do this with armor types without buying)
    +add some functionality to preview a scope and it's functionality prior to buying
    +make the menus pretty - they're pretty bland and ick right now - just solid blocks of color... meh.
    +move the character model and "switch character" box to the left, and organize equipment boxes around it, leaving the right side for the chat/mail to not overlap. Since they would no longer overlap anything, allow the chat/mail window to be "up" and open 100% of the time to encourage communication more (it is the social aspect of the game right). This may help people meet more people, form FTs, and join clans/etc if the chat is maximized by default.
    +move "events" to achievements or missions location (change daily missions to just missions?)

    5) miscellaneous
    +provide the community with access to leaderboard/item information outside of the game (ie: so fansites can incorporate it, without editing/modifying/corrupting/forcibly mining data)
    +server/match browser - please.
    +add the ability to "follow a friend" or "join a friend's game" when a player logs on after a friend is already in game (or allow a player who disconnected to rejoin the game he was in - if his friend was in it)
    -launcher - make the opening ubisoft/gro animation skippable after it's been played once or twice per patch - I don't even watch it when it comes up, it's just a delay - maybe build it into the launcher in a different way.

    well.. servers are still down, but this has been a rather long post
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    The modifications system could be improved. We've got 8 slots, but almost half of them are always locked. I understand that there's limitations, but there's a few things that could easily be adjusted.

    For example, forward handgrip. Most CQB weapons have this attachment permanently welded. It's supposed to increase handling, and does so. But what about additional handgrip options? Bipod/Grip, for example, which increases prone accuracy and provides a handling increase, but not as much as either the bipod or the handgrip alone.

    Or an angled grip such as from GRFS, which increases accuracy from an unsupported position and has less handling bonus?

    In addition, the ammo. I know we have Boost ammo, but a lot of end-tier weapons do not appear to have any magazine modifications, which could benefit from a GRFS-like system.

    For example, we could have:

    JHP rounds - Reduces healing received as a debuff.
    AP rounds - ignores some armor, lower damage output to compensate, does not modify toughness.
    Frangible Rounds - ignores some toughness, but does not ignore armor.

    Furthermore, I think it would be more practical for us to be able to swap out entire barrel and stock systems as opposed to having to buy one of three distinct models. The firearm's name can be based on the barrel mod, but we can still purchase one of the three base models and install a different front-end and stock from that base model for a CQB variant. It would also be nice, if you don't want us to hoard equipment, to be able to define two swappable set-ups for our weapons, so we can swap for example between the MP5K and the MP5SD-N2 variants on the fly depending on whether we want raw power or ninja.
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    i've noticed if you stand in a corner and fly a uav around the map all game you score LOTS of points, but I've been using the jammer more often to help my team out, which takes more work and strategy than flying a uav, i get 0 xp's... what is up with that! How is it possible! I think you need to reward the players who jam, as well as those who fly those stupid uav's around. thank you
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    Another suggestion, that may be fun (but perhaps outside the manageable scope of the game) would be to implement additional body shot locations.
    IE: headshot = more damage already.
    add: leg shot = makes the target limp and slows movement for a short time
    add: arm shot = reduces handling for a short time
    add: body shot = reduces regeneration for a short time.

    Could make things interesting - but probably well outside the scope of the game
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    Originally Posted by ARTofWARFARE Go to original post
    i've noticed if you stand in a corner and fly a uav around the map all game you score LOTS of points, but I've been using the jammer more often to help my team out, which takes more work and strategy than flying a uav, i get 0 xp's... what is up with that! How is it possible! I think you need to reward the players who jam, as well as those who fly those stupid uav's around. thank you
    wrong forum.

    this is Ghost Recon Online. Not Future Soldier.
    GRO does not have UAV's
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    just general things i noticed that need to be added are:
    in match making a way to choose the the game mode or level we would like to play
    a way in the lobby to be able to leave a match you don't want to enter before your in the game
    and a quit ****on at the log in screen (my internet went out before i could log in and i realized i had to ctrl-alt-delete my way out)
    oh and do something about those overly weak pistols
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    pistols are sidearms, not hand cannons. They should not compete with main weapons. They are fine right now as they are - even the cheapest pistol can take out 2 guys in a clip if you get good with it, 3 if you pistol whip the 3rd guy :P

    I would like to see some sort of modification or attachment customization added to them though - not to affect the ability of the gun, but they would be a good thing to add another kind of armor insert into that would adjust the character's attributes - and give people incentive to buy guns on all their characters. The only character I've bothered to buy a pistol on is my recon - and only because the sniper rifle is a bad thing to have ready when you walk around corners.

    +movement speed
    +melee power
    etc.. just by having it equipped and socketted.. that kinda stuff. Things that would make people want to buy them (ie: assaults and specialists don't need them at all, so why would they bother).
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    Suggested Improvements

    Here are some general things that I think would help make the game more fun and balanced. They are grouped into subjects that most pertain to the item being discussed.

    1. Assault Class
    Note: Obviously the assault class will be the most overpowered class out of all of them. Mainly because that is how assault rifles work and this is true in all free to play first person shoots such as Battlefield Play 4 Free, Tribes (the Soldier class with the basic spinfuser), and so on. This is also true because there will always be people who spend money to get maxed out gear and weapons at level one so there is bound to be balance issues.
    -Heat System: It should have a toggle mode. However, when in toggle mode there should be some kind of drawback like slower recharge rate or less total charge. If this is not a reasonable idea then the current version of the heat system should have a longer duration or faster recharge rate. I would much prefer to have a faster recharge rate due to the fact that it is like the Oracle system so having a longer duration could lead to some unforeseen unstoppable blitz/push combo.
    -Blitz System: I think this is fairly balanced. Can't really complain about it since usually the person charges into you but then a teammate picks him off after he kills you.

    2. Recon Class
    - Cloak System: I know that cloaking is very hard to balance due to the fact that you are almost invisible and that allows you to seek around and punch people in the back. However, the recharge rate is really long and I'm pretty sure there is an initial energy cost when you activate it, so one of those two things needs to be changed.
    - Oracle System: Nothing needs to be changed here. It is very powerful gadget that has saved me plenty of times because you usually can tell which direction they are facing so you just go the opposite way.
    - Snipers: Not much to change here. Most people will try to use the sniper the first time playing the game so maybe make the first sniper a little bit better.

    3. Support Class
    - General: The worst class by far in terms of starting weapon. I though the support class would be fun to play until I realized that you can't kill anything aiming down sights while standing because the the recoil. Because of this, I haven't played the support class since that first game so I am not going to talk about the abilities at all due to my lack of knowledge about them.

    4. Maps
    - General: So far the maps seem to be fairly fun to play on where it appears that you can attack and defend fairly evenly. However this is heavily influenced by your team, team composition, and skill level. Also, the size of the maps and the spawning positions on each map seem to work well due to that fact that you spawn in an elevated position so it is somewhat difficult to spawn camp and far enough away from the objective that I don't feel like I'm running a marathon just to see some action but I still feel safe going afk for a short time right outside the spawn.

    5. User Interface
    - The opening loading screen after you sign in is really cool and I don't feel like I'm lost shuffling through tons of menus and drop-down lists.

    6. Servers
    - I don't think I need to talk about this and match making. The problems are well known.

    7. Miscellaneous
    - Xbox 360 controller support??
    - Eventually Mac support. (Obvious not at launch because I know that takes a lot of work. But just keep that in mind because I'm a Mac user.)

    Please comment on my suggestions even if it is hate mail and that kind of thing. I am always open to new ideas to change my mind (unbiased ideas)
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