Long time GR fan here and I've been loving this game so far (name ingame is "Demo"). A few things I could think of for this thread but I'll compile more once I play enough of it to feel confident enough to provide feedback.

1. We talked about this ingame, but a clan tag or clan option would be nice for the future since it's a tactical game that could be a lot of fun warring other clans. Us early testers could be an awesome clan :P.

2. I know you want to reach a broader audience, but it'd be nice to get a few more bells and whistles graphically since we aren't getting Future Soldier on PC and there should be advanced options for graphics so people with lesser computers can tweak the game to their liking while others like me can crank up some AA. Performance isn't stellar right now for what it is, but it runs plenty fine for me and I imagine optimizations will continue to come as you get closer to release. My framerate isn't bad at all, it's just not what I expected from what this game looks like.

3. The shop items seem reasonably priced and give you something to strive for while spending money on attachments makes you think carefully about each one. They all feel obtainable compared to the new Tribes in the beginning where they basically forced people to pay to unlock new classes, which has been changed in later patches after realizing their blunder. Just don't nickle and dime us like other F2P models such as BF:P4F

4. Contextual commands to send to squadmates could be nice so I could point out a location to my friend to set up or watch with a button press and he'd see a little indicator on his HUD to do what I suggesr (or not, lol). That way, even without VOIP, teams can work together to cover all sides of an objective.

5. Matchmaking is hard to judge with so few people playing right now so I won't comment on the long waits, but it'd be nice if matchmaking took into account what classes people were playing so I don't end up playing with or against a full team of snipers. Not saying all snipers are selfish and don't work as a team, but they have more tendencies to camp so it'd be nice to mix the teams up with assault players like myself. We played a game earlier against a full team of snipers who didn't ONCE drop down from their spawn to attack A or B so all we could do is sit there and wait the entire time until they lost without ONE attempt on an objective.

I'll think of more when my night-time sedatives aren't in full effect. Thanks for letting me take part in this!