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    please add me i need friends for csi fb
    my fb: romaric amar

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    Add me, please! ))
    Dina Black

    Thank you )
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    I'm brand new and would love to have some friends to play with. http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100003518841159
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    please add me i need friends for csi my facebook is marcel zierz
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    need friends

    Add me on facebook!

    iam Love Playing

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    need investigators

    Originally Posted by Mr_Crime Go to original post
    Looking for new CSI friends? Submit your request here!

    It is also a good idea to link to your Facebook profile page, so users can immediately add you.

    If you are Facebook friends with another player they will automatically show up on your friends panel on the bottom of the game screen. This will allow you to use their lab!

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