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    i have like 40 uplay points from AC2, how do i use them?
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    If you are trying to use them on Conviction, you have to wait until the game comes out. I already tried using them on Conviction stuff and it wouldn't let me.
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    No, on anything, like on AC2
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    in the main menu of assassin's creed 2, press Y to enter UPlay. then, go to actions and rewards (actions are basically achievements you have to complete for points, and rewards are the extra content you can get with UPlay points) and use the UPlay points there.
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    alrighty thx a bunch bro
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    Wait, isn't there going to be a UPlay button in the Conviction menu?
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    Originally posted by Andrewoid:
    Wait, isn't there going to be a UPlay button in the Conviction menu?
    The demo had one so yea.
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    There will. Butyou just didn't have the ability to use it in the demo because it was greyed out.
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    Uplay doesn't work right for me. From the page that lists the compatible games where you click the link for actions and rewards, when I click on that it just refreshes the game page. I can't get the action and rewards to open up for me.
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    PS3 Far cry

    How do I spend them on Far Cry 3? For PS3
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