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    I've never played the Splinter Cell games before but as a big fan of MGS I knew I'd love them and they do seem great.

    My problem with the first game is this though - TOO MANY CIVILIANS!!!

    I'm at the police station level on the streeets ad if it wasn't for the civilians it would be perfect and just the right difficulty but with all the civilians about it is crazily hard at times.

    Does the entire game have civilians that blow your cover like this? It just seems a bit over the top to me and quite poorly designed.
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    i've had that problem too when i played the game for the first time, but you just have to stay in the shadows and move only when its absolutely safe

    but AFAIK this is the only level that has civilians like this, sure in other levels are civilians too, but they're not as hard to dodge
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    I'm pretty sure that is the only mission with civilians roaming about. There are civilians in later missions, but they're more or less static and not too bothersome.

    I would have personally liked more missions with civilians - but I'm just super hardcore I suppose.

    ... I pretty much just said the same thing as DerSeeBaer.
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