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    Russian version 0.931 (history): (pdf, 275 pages, 36 Mb) - or
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    There's 2 Traits called "Attuned" and "Mystic", which clearly didn't make it live to the current version of the game (at least from what I can see), and they have a yellow highlight over "Gametoweb" with "Special:" next to it.
    Any idea how to unlock these

    were they multiplayer achievement earned and thus don't exist at the moment due to there being no multiplayer achievements right now (unlike in the Beta), or something else?
    There are currently no multiplayer achievements in game-resources.
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    Hm, maybe those 2 Traits will come later or something, because I can't find anything on them right now except their Fan Manual entries.

    As for multiplayer achievements, they don't exist now I know...but there were a handful in the Beta if I recall.

    Hopefully they add some in eventually, as a little encouragement to play it.
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    Thanx im playin heroes from the verry begining Heroes I .lol
    Nice to see somebody tell oyhers what is what in the game
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    Thank you for this
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    Thank you for the awesome work in creating this manual. If you guys would like any assistance with an appendix or other miscellaneous tables of game data then I'd chip in for sure.

    Have you considered adding a section covering the map editor?
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    You might have already heard of our team - we created Russian fan manuals for King's Bounty: Legend and King's Bounty: Armored Princess.
    awesome work guys

    btw are you planning to ever translate these manuals? i loved king's bounty
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    And you guys forgot Crosswolds!!!

    Thanks, by the way...
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    Tkx a lot!!
    It surelly will improve my gameplay!!
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    This is such an awesome source of information! Do you have plans for further updates to the manual?
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