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    thanks a lot!!
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    Great manual!
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    Thank you, good work!
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    very nice manual!
    Could be also details (mechanics) added on:
    - general game difficulties (easy, normal..)
    - AI levels (Easy AI, Normal AI..)

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    tiamat4455's Avatar Member
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    updated version of the manual

    Great job guys.
    I wanted to ask... will there be an updated version of the manual? Do you know if Ubisoft gives away the details needed for creating a complete manual? Considering the fact that they don't make one at least they can offer the information needed.
    I know I can't ask for a complete and updated manual from fans because they will do one on their own time and that might be precious. Unfortunately I play only several hours per week and my contribution about game mechanics and other details would be insignificant. I could help if needed on the layout. I'd just need information.
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    Hi Spamm, Alexrom66 and Pavlov!

    Great job!
    Cool design!

    Do you have a plan when will you update the content?

    Very impressive!!!
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    community strikes again
    keep up the amazing work, and thank you!
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    Elementals are dealt 50% reduced damage from their affinity element and 50% increased damage for
    their counter-element. Elementals are also immune to negative effects from their affinity element
    Please could you give a table of affinity and couter affinity elements. There is no in game explanation and none in the mamual. It would be shorter to just say 50% fire damage reduction and 50% increased earth damage or whatever, rather than the same usless explanation given in game.

    PS thanks for great work.
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    Originally Posted by KingImp Go to original post
    Looks great so far.

    I'll assume Ubi will do like they did for Heroes 5 and have the fans create a manual for the game.

    I'd be remiss though if I didn't say I miss the days where companies included their own thorough manuals with the games. It's a lot easier to flip through the pages of a book while playing the game than to close what you are doing to open up a file on the computer and frankly I'm not going to waste my paper and ink to print out hundreds of pages of a fan made manual.
    Multi-Monitor support in the OS helps keep from having to cut down trees for paper manuals I've been a gamer since 1980 and remember well those paper manuals, but a searchable electronic doc in full color is kinda nice
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    Thanks for manual

    I think I am going to print this manual(Probably). Thanks a lot.
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