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    One of my first attempts at skinning after my long break was the Spit V. So, I had this template running about that was close to complete, jsut needed(still needs)some touching up.

    Yesterday, I went to do a fuse code, tried it in the game and was disgusted. So, tonight I sat it out and tried to get the fuse stuff right. And, I'm going to say that this distortion **** is a dirty, rotten....well...I think you get the picture:

    Panel lines need some retouching, for sure, but other than that, what u think?

    S! Slater
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    Nice!! It's good to see a lighter coloured Spit, the default ones are too dark (IMHO).
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    Hi slater! Nice, nice work mate
    Have been struggling with spits V and IX mapping for some time now and u've done an excellent job. The roundel is excellentlly proportioned, however...

    the red centre is far too large and the other ring widths are probably also affected. Early war A.1 types (with the yellow ring - the A tpe was without) particularly on brown/green spits had proprtions of the following:

    Diameter of roundel = D, then width of each ring was 1/7th D (i.e each band of colour, yellow, blue and white was a constant width). The red centre was also 1/7th D for it's own respective diameter, i.e the red circle should have the same width as each of the bands.

    The A type was similar but of course only in divisions of 1/5ths because theres no yellow bands.

    Sorry to put a fly in your ointment mate but I know how you pride urself on ur accuracy, and besides, you've done a magnificent job so far!
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    Great job!

    The Spit Vc is easier!
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    That looks great Slater! I'm having the same trouble with 99thFS blue and white check nose, its how the file is layed out .
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    Sure enough, the roundels were a bit messed up. And, of course, after changing the widths to be correct, it didn't line up right up top *sigh* That'll teach me to take "shortcuts" I did clean up the panel line problems(and created some more, lol), also added a few more of my new detailing tricks.

    As for the Mk Vc being easier, it was also not the main production varient(I don't think), and it can't pass for anything but a Mk Vc or a Seafire Ib. Spit Vb can pass for a Mk I/II, or even a Seafire in a pinch. It's also the same mapping as the Mk IX, so I get one licked, I get the other too Besides, I started on a temp for it before I even got AEP, and now the Vb/IX are the forgotten step children, so sad for the major production models to be forgotten because of poor mapping!

    Anyways here's what it looks like, roundel distortion is still visible(now, roundels are a wee bit wide, and top yellow is a bit too thick).
    Revisiting a very famous Mk II:

    Whatcha think?

    S! Slate
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    Something tells me that the yellow strip on the leading edge of the wing doesn't quite look right, wern't they only put on w/the the invasion strips?

    Other than that, that is one superb spit skin
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    Hello Slater,

    Extremely nice Spitfire skin! Looking forward to downloading the finished product. Keep up the excellent work! =S=
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    Originally posted by Vortex_uk:
    Something tells me that the yellow strip on the leading edge of the wing doesn't quite look right, wern't they only put on w/the the invasion strips?

    Other than that, that is one superb spit skin
    I've seen the stripe on Spit Vs pre-Dday before, but this is supposed to be a IIa, so I think you're right, it's not correct, thanks

    S! Slate
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    Yeah, the yellow ID srips only appear After the switch to grey and green camo in 1941. However, whether grey/green spits had em from the word go I can't tell you and it's possible that a few brown/green might have had the ID stripes retroactively applied and for early grey green not to have but I have personally seen no evidence of this.
    As with so much in life nothing is black & white!
    It's looking fantastic slater. Really really sweet. To tell the truth i'm a bit jealous....
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