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    Alot of people want a salon especially me.I messed up a lot when I was making my avatar. My eyes and my face is terrible. I look nothing like that!So post here why you want a salon in imagine town.
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    The skin is too light and I would like a different hairstyle.
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    On my avatar.
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    if a salon ever comes out, I'm going to dye my hair red!
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    I'm gonna dye my hair to a light brown! XD!!
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    I want a diffrent hairstyle and a diffrent face. I look nothing my avatar!
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    I hate my hair. And my eyes and my lips.
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    I wnna change my hairstyle nd i want like a red or blue or pink or purple streak on my hair
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    Yeah Stacy, That would be awsome.
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    skylight22's Avatar Senior Member
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    Jul 2011
    I love my avatar! It's just that sometimes I get a little sick of the hair, so a salon would be great!
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