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    Will we have historical convoys in game meaning exact compositions of convoys that took part in World War 2 in the Atlantic. a great site to find this information is at www.warsailors.com.
    We have a very talented person at Steel-sharks.com that has reworked the whole sh3 campaign and made it more realistic finding these convoys at this site and implementing them in the new Steel-sharks campaign. He has had to make different updates as they go throughout the war that we play from start to finish so there are many convoys and some with over 50 to 60 some ships in convoy. It would be great to have this access already in game and wondering if the Devs have thought of this.
    This would be very good even maybe addon packs every so often with this sort of content would be good.
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    I am highly confident the devs will not have gone to this level of historicity for convoys. For task forces that become part of important battles, yes. Modeling individual convoys that exactly is precisely why they leave the game open for modders to come in and do their thing.
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