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    Just follow the link and W7 will work perfect.
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    That's a common Windows Dynamic Link Library file for every OS. So placing it inside the BIN folder solves the in-game 'Map/Custom Map' Download issue, as well as other server/MP file transfer issues ?

    So, strangely it seems the game loads this .dll file from inside the folder under Win 7, and not directly from the Windows path. Anyhow, I don't have Win 7 with me right now. But others should try this out.

    Cheers for the Fix.

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    Sweet because im planning on getting Windows 7 64bit Ultimate around Christmas.
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    The secret in it is that it is a Windows XP .dll
    And its not my work its from someone of the Anno Forum in Germany. But I gave it a try and it works pretty good.

    GCT-Lomo (ex SFC-Lomo)
    and myself got it now working.

    W7 Home & Ultimate systems.
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    I applied this on my pc & it all works great now....Good work!
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    I took it to our forum and if it realy help, then those guys deserve a medal !!
    I will let you know once I will get some feedback from those who will try it out.
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    Originally posted by Fartcryer15:
    The secret in it is that it is a Windows XP .dll
    And its not my work its from someone of the Anno Forum in Germany. But I gave it a try and it works pretty good.

    Yup, I know that. Actually it's a common Windows file found under every OS (XP/Vista/NT/ME/98 etc.), and it is same for every Windows OS.

    Anyways, I think this trick seems to work. So convey my 'Thanks' to the Anno Forum folks. They deserve it.

    Happy Gaming.

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    So - feedback so far is that on 32 bit system it fix that Win7 issue, but it doesnt work on 64 bit system.
    It show this message

    Maybe couldnt be difficult take that dll from XP-64 and make that fix for Win7 64 users ... ?! I hope so !

    All those fixed their issue asked me to let know to who find that out a very big thanks !!!

    Great job which deserve medal
    and on other hand ashamed UBI that they are not able find it with them self and all they can do is say "sorry Win7 are not supported...
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    I think the above file has already worked fine for 'Mr.Streak', and he has a 64 bit Win 7 Home premium as told by him ??

    As far as I know, the 'winhttp.dll' file is the SAME for every OS (32/64 bit), but under the 64 bit Win XP version, there are sometimes 2 'winhttp.dll' files. One is which lies under the SysWOW64 folder, and the other is under the system32 folder. e.g.



    But the file under the SysWOW64 path, is the common one which is also found under 32 bit Win XP. @Fartcryer15 can upload the files again if possible, taken from a 64 bit XP. But I don't think doing this will make any difference, as the Winhttp.dll file is almost the same.

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    I run FC2 on Windows 7 Professional, 64bit- since yesterday i can download user maps in Multiplayer, I pasted that winhttp.dll in the shown folder:

    for more details have a look under:
    mabe that helps.
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