WTF...have you done to this old western style game...did it make any sense that maybe you should have asked around to the true fans of the older games what should be next??? No you didn' went right ahead and made this POS!! I only say that as I was thinking maybe you would make another old west game...This is the problem...we have seen this **** over a hundred times...we don't care about 2010-2011 games and ideas. I play COJ for the old west...not some knocked-up POS drug Cartel with the son of someone from COD-BIB. You might have had a better result with this if you said..." We aren't making another western game but a modern game with hints to COJ...Even if you did I am sure you would have ****ed off a lot of people with this quick idea which is crap. Even the font you used when people are talking is like Mario Bros font. God I hate you guys for this. What a waste of time...were you guys on drugs when making this??? Is this what you know about and thought...Hey, lets make a COJ game about drugs....thanks for making this POS...I hope you sell nothing and you are all fired...from the ****** CEO all the way down...crap rolls down hill and I can hardly wait for it to gather you all up...and send you all to Activision Value games....49.99 WOW!