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    Hey guys,
    I've been searching through the forum here and have not had any luck locating a solution to my problem. Hopefully someone here has experienced this same issue.
    Basically.. the function keys do not work while in the game (I mean, while actually playing/flying). They work in windows and they work when I goto change any of the controls to those keys. But once the game loads up, none of them work. I cannot change my view and items of that nature. Can anyone lend some much needed assistance?
    Thank You

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    ok I got it,
    I sincerely apologize for cloging up the forums here, I didn't realize the difficulty settings had an affect on the view options.
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    The F keys are all views. On the second difficults screen is a toggle for No External Views. If on, this disables those F keys. Give it a check, Chris.

    edit: Posted at the same time.
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