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    PC 1.03 Patch now available .Click here for a full list of mirrors and fixes.

    UPDATED: Linux SADS 1.03 R2 is also available here and fixes a number of issues:

    - Fixed not being able to type in console window
    - Updated readme concerning local and remote commands available
    - Fixed certain remote commands not working (even though the local commands would work)
    - Added "-noredirectstdin" commandline parameter. Launching with this will allow an external app to use stardard input to feed the server console commands.
    - Added a "User maps and the dedicated server" section to the readme.
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    Thanks for good news finally guys..
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    Okay uhhh... both new patch topics were closed (?) Where are we permitted to discuss the patch? Here? And if so, can we get an official list of what the patch addresses? Somebody else posted a list on one of the closed topics but I was amazed that the corrupted saved games issue did not seem to be addressed so I was wondering if that was an incomplete/non-official list. When I installed the patch, it showed what issues were addressed in a popup dialog just after the installation was complete. I tried to copy and paste that to no avail and I figured it would be dumped as a txt file into my Far Cry 2 game directory but I don't see it.


    Oh and thanks for the patch, by the way. Much appreciated.
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    I tried to patch my digital version , but the patch says it doesn't recognize my version ....any idea ???
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    The HardCore mode is usable for the SP game?

    EDIT: ... maybe the hardcore mode was translated to "diabolico" in italian language :S
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    Originally posted by express49:
    I tried to patch my digital version , but the patch says it doesn't recognize my version ....any idea ???
    Steam should be updating their servers with the patch as soon as possible.
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    Iwish I had purshased the game at Steam , I got it at UBISOSFT !!!
    I need the digital version of the patch , by the way , I'm stuck at 65% without any other solution than a patch to continue the game !!!
    Thx anyway for trying to help!
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    BTW ,the auto patcher in the game data does download the new patch and when installing , says the same "can't retrieve the version..."
    For the previous patches , I think I had to edit something with "find" but I don't remember how and where ...
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    here is the changelog as it appeared when I patched, I have not seen this info around anywhere:

    ================================================== ==============================

    Far Cry®2 v1.03 Update

    ================================================== ==============================

    If you had problems applying the 1st patch (1.01), please apply this cumulative patch.

    STEAM users: Please wait until the patch is available through Steam.

    General changes

    - A new server software has been created. Please consult the FC2ServerLauncher_ReadMe.txt file in the \bin folder for further documentation.
    - Fixed a bug with the "Jackal tapes" accounting

    Multiplayer changes

    - Made most weapons slightly more accurate
    - Slightly extended length of the short-range damage category for most weapons
    - Reduced the damage of all sniper weapons
    - Reduced the damage of the MGL-140 grenades
    - Reduced the damage of the M79 grenades
    - Reduced the damage of the IED
    - Reduced damage stim of the flamethrower by 1 step
    - Added hardcore mode in the Advanced Options page. Weapons will do more damage and enemy names will be hidden after the invincibility period.
    - Players are now displayed by XP order in the scoreboard.
    - Allow players to rejoin the host after a ranked match.
    - Allow the minimum player settings to be changed from the lobby.
    - Allow force launch in ranked match.
    - Fixed an issue with the launch map button which was displayed too low on some SDTV (480i - 4:3).
    - Fixed a crash in menu browser when returning to a parent menu page while searching for a match.
    - Fixed initial rank and XP replication.
    - Limit to one class reset per game.
    - Now possible to play a map from the downloadable content with the dedicated server.
    - Now possible to include an approved custom map in ranked games.
    - Added a quick search option for ranked approved custom maps.
    - Fix IED (improvise explosive devices) destruction

    - Review game start conditions, there will be only 2 start conditions
    - No vote in progress
    - At least the minimum player required number must be ready
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    Did this patch also remove DVD Check, or is something wrong with my PC? : )

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