I think wheelman got some cool driving, its fast, fun and brutal, and a little hard, vitch it good!!

I was looking for a forum to write a little in, but it does not seem like wheelman got one specific forum ?

aaanyway, I love the missions, and i just got through the one in the beginning where you get the cyclone, and stuff, so im all set now.

doing a few side mission between the story, and it seems like a nice cool pace !! , the story has not been very hard yet, a nice hmm easy pace, but the side missions can be a little tricky.

Hmm im not sure about the on foot action, feels a little to easy, but i might chose to use manualy aiming from now on...not that sure !!

Good game, I love the story telling before, middle, and after each story mission very nice, and good !!

any suggestions on how to drive, and use the "look-at-closeset-enemy-car-button" ??,
On the xbox, thats the left bumber, kind of hard when you speeding like a maniac on a mission.... !!

Thanks ! ;-)