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    Why are not separated forums by platform? I recieve topics and replies by mail and as PC owner 90% of messages are about 360 or PS3.
    In summary it takes over 22000 messages from 1.1.2008.
    Don't start with that that consoles are better or is mainstream in gaming. Every clever forum manager know that forum devided to thematic (in this case platform) subforums are better than one big confused forum.
    Why I must recieve mails about things that are not for me useful and take capacity of your server to send mails and my mailbox?
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    I've not looked into the preferences of this forum much. Only to find out how to turn off veiwing sigs - with no luck.

    I kind of assumed it'd have thread subscription features. If it does then I'd suggest only subscribing to PC related threads. VB forums have this, but as I said, I've not really looked into these ones.
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