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    And does it include Jettison Drop Tanks?
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    I don't know what happened to the whole question, but in the Subject field I wrote "In IL-2 Sturmovik what are the 4 weapons"
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    The 4 Weapons are:*

    The jettison drop tanks are controlled by the 'Drop tanks' command you probably have to bind a key to that one.

    * I am not sure if that is the correct order, simply try it out.
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    You can always change the assignments to your likings, as in assign #4 to have it drop them tanks...

    Have Fun!
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    It's slightly different:

    Weapon 1 default is generally MGs
    Weapon 2 default is Cannons or secondary MGs
    Weapon 3 default is Rockets
    Weapon 4 default is Bombs

    You can also map a key for Weapons 1 & 2 to fire simultaneously

    Drop tanks can be bound separately to a further key (or key-combo) in the Controls section.

    However, you cannot map the SAME key to two operations using the Control set-up in the game. Also you cannot map drop-tanks to a Weapon release command. You CAN map two keystrokes to a single command - or one keystroke and a joystick button - so bomb release could be on the keyboard AND the joystick, or it could be both Key A and Key B (but that would be wasteful of precious keystrokes). But you cannot make the Jettison-tanks command drop the bombs or vice versa.

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