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    I was looking around the forums and didn't see any posts about other people trying to maximize the coins per game. So I've decided to post a guide on how to do this...

    I. Introduction
    Classic arcade gamers or players who like to hit high-scores should immidately understand this concept of multipliers (or you can call it combo's). It's based on simple mathematics. Since the payout of coins is scaled by a multiplier, it makes a lot of sense to stack as much multipler into each game you play. This way you can get some efficiency out of your game time per coins.

    To put this into perspective, it's more efficient to yield an average of 2,200+ for about 3 to 4 hours of your time, rather than trying to cram 2 to 3 "small winner" games in that same amount of time. These "small winner" games usually yield about 500 coins on the high-end and require skilled brute-tactics down a particular tree (tech/trade/warfare) in order to shorten the game time.

    II. How the Reward Points are calcualted

    Ranking Points(1): 4 x 2 = 8
    Victory Points: x21 = 168
    Number of Enemies: x3 = 504
    Difficulty: x6 = 3024

    III. Skirmish Match.
    Firstly, so you're not trumped by opponents better than you, it's best to do this in skirmish. There's a long list of reasons of why. It would only require a bit of commonsense to get to the same conclusion of choosing a skirmish match --- although, I applaud those who manage this in a versus-match online.

    IV. 4-Player Map
    The first thing you will be doing is looking for a map to maximize your yield in coins. We're talking about large to huge 4-player maps.

    It's important to find a map, where the required victory points (VP) for win is as high as possible. The higher this value is the better.

    (**List of eligible maps here**)

    V. AI Opponents - King Balderus
    Once you have sorted out the map, the next thing is to setup your AI opponents. In this case, what you want to do is pick King Balderus.

    There is a reason we'd go with King Balderus -- he is strictly a warfare AI opponent. This keeps the trade board and technology board wide-open. Not only does this allow you to get crucial VPs from the on-board, but also clears you for Trading Company, Fountain of Knowledge, Abbey, etc.

    VI. AI Opponents - Difficulty Level
    The last thing to do before starting up the game is to set the difficulty level to <span class="ev_code_RED">Hard</span>.

    Also, don't select the peaceful option, because this will lower the combo/multiplier for your final result.

    Another thing is to have each player set to different teams. Having them all on one team not only makes things difficult to stay away from certain victory points (more on this later) but also it doesn't give boost your multiplier.

    VII. How to VP Nuke
    Obviously, the rule-of-thumb is to purposely stay 1 VP below the win requirement until you've planned out how to launch an all-out-mayhem of VP slamming at the end --- Otherwise known as VP nuking.

    VIII. Defensive - Technology
    To make your game simplest, you're going to want to focus down the technology tree off-the-bat. Firstly, Ornamentation or the other +1 Prestige bonuses will give the Prestige Boost on the maps where space isn't a luxury. Also, you'll need that Prestige to get yourself as much of a head start into a buffed stone fortification around your perimeter defense.

    It honestly doesn't matter how you decide to play it, but I usually just stick to a defensive-style while I peacefully setup my economy behind it.

    The other benefit is the AI is discouraged to attack you since you're well defended so you can watch them kill each other out. This also lets them hold on to a few key VPs that you don't want such as Generalissimo, Emperor, Sun King, etc (more on this later).

    IX. Stealing King Balderus' General
    Another key element here is to take the General away from them. I don't remember the name of the General, but it's the one that is good at the melee + ranged combat only. King Balderus will ONLY use this general as his additional. If you get this General before any of the other opponents, you're guaranteed to only have to deal with 1 General per remaining opponent.

    This makes it easier when you're down to the last opponent, because you can forcefully move his general to desired locations, predictably bleed his army to catch-up to the Generalissimo VP or seal him off from reinforcements, etc.

    X. Playing the game
    As you play the game, you should try to stick to a minimum of VPs. In order to setup an effective VP nuke, you MUST have the following VPs.

    - Field Marshal
    - Fountain of Knowledge
    - Trading Company

    There are other VPs that you will most likely have during the game-play and are usually unavoidable. Also, most of these you will need in order to have a successful VP nuke or it’s just too difficult to obtain within 3 minutes.

    - Metropolis
    - Banker
    - Economist (DLC maps only)

    XI. Planning the VP Nuke
    Before you hit the big red button for "the launch", it's all about planning for your VP Nuke. Assuming that you didn't get any unnecessary VPs and that you have maximized your economy, you should have stacked up as much of everything as if Santa and the lottery happened all at once. Remember, once you launch you'll only have 3 minutes. Those final minutes will be of utter mayhem going through a laundry list of tasks which are broken down into three categories.

    (**This section needs to be updated**)
    i. Static or Fixed-cost VPs.
    You can guess by definition, these VPs don't change in cost, either in cleric, trader or infantry value.
    - Special Trade Route (You’ll only be able to get 1 because of the time restraint)
    - Genius
    - Special Sectors (See “Tip: Weakening Special Sectors”)
    - Abbey (See: “Tip: Preparing the Abbey”)

    ii. Dynamic cost VPs
    These VPs will cost more depending on how many victory points are obtained.
    - Special Event Locations (trade/technology/warfare)

    iii. Other important VPs
    These are usually the easiest to coordinate during the VP nuke. They are easy to prepare for, put into play and also easy to execute.
    - Generalissimo
    - Emperor
    - Domination (destroy all opponents Castles)
    (**This section needs to be updated**)

    XII. Launching the VP Nuke
    (**This section needs to be updated**)

    Tip: Saving the game
    It's also a good idea to Save the game before you launch the VP nuke at the end. Just in case your timing isn't quite right (and trust me, it won't be the first couple of attempts). This way you can always reload just before you VP nuke and maximize your reward.

    However, take important note that for this trick to work, YOU MUST EXIT BEFORE THE COUNTDOWN IS UP!

    Tip: Weakening Special Sectors
    The neutral territories will never repair fortifications or rebuild an army. Use this to your advantage to save time during the VP Nuke.

    Another worthwhile note is cutting off supplies to your opponent’s special sectors. This will allow you to stop his general from obtaining reinforcements and from rebuilding his fortifications (provided he doesn't have a builder and a geologist/quarry on that sector)

    In my preference, if it is a neutral special sector, I usually use “Bribe”. Traders can usually haul across the map very fast, it also doesn’t tie-up your generals where you could be using them to obtain Emperor and Domination. Remember, you can always prep the goods in the export office by “sending” then “cancelling”.

    Tip: Preparing the Abbey
    Like mentioned above, you can begin construction of the abbey and wait for all the goods to arrive at the nearest storehouse, then cancel or pause the construction in the logistics tab. The alternative is to send all the construction goods to the nearest storehouse. But be careful with this one, because sometimes you might be sending goods that you will need for Special Event Locations.

    Also, it’s always a good idea to have at least 1 constructor on the sector with your Church. So you don’t have to wait for him to run across the map to get started on building the Abbey.

    Tip: Using Pause via Logistics
    In general, it’s a great technique to pause things in the logistics tab. Traders can be paused and so can construction. This is a great way to save yourself some stress when you’re carrying out the VP nuke.
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    I've done that sort of game-ending nuke a few times, although I haven't optimized it with selecting a military-only AI for all slots. My best so far is something 1584 coins (I think), for 11 VPs on a 7 VP map (don't remember which one).

    You forgot at least special sectors from your list. Try to avoid capturing them as long as possible, and if necessary soften their defenses by attacking and retreating. Neutrals won't fix towers and the AI opponents can't either if you've cut the route to the sector.

    Abbey is also very much possible, I don't think Balderus will build one. Just make sure the construction materials are close by.

    Let your opponent keep a lead in prestige and make sure you have plenty of space around one of your branch buildings to spam Sun King for yourself.

    Keep your coins just below the amount needed for Banker; spend some if you get the VP too early. Keep your mints idle if necessary. When it's time to nuke, start cranking out coins to get that VP.

    The VPs you will inevitably get in the course of the game:
    - Field Marshal
    - Generalissimo
    - Emperor
    - Metropolis
    - Fountain of Knowledge
    - Trading Company

    I may have forgotten some dynamic VPs, but the launcher doesn't currently work in Wine so I can't check them from the game.

    Event locations can be a *****, particularly those requiring clerics or an army. The former walk really slowly and are difficult to time right, and the latter tie up your armies away from the special sectors.

    This works out to 15 VPs, plus whatever you can get from event locations with clerics and traders.
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    The 15 VP has been done in Empire, but personally before the 1.0hate patch.
    From memory I think 1500 coins was about all I saw in SP, but once youve designed your castle you dont need them anyway. (i have 10k of coins i dont need and all purchases)
    The challenge is keeping the weakest player and hoping they hold a few floating VPs you can recover easily within the 3 min countdown.

    So have you actually landed the 3-4k in coins?
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    You're right - I've definately missed out some key areas. I haven't had the chance to revise and get as much of the details as I probably should have put down.

    I'll keep making edits to the post as we build it up. I'm cleaning it up to make a clearer walk-through/guide.

    I hope you don't mind if I cite your posts.


    I consistantly get over 2000 coins per game. My biggest issue is usually getting the timing right for the clerics to make it to the VP destination. The traders always haul themselfs quite quickly.

    Other things that make things tough, on the occasion is things like Generalissmo - I usually don't hold this VP until the very end. But sometimes it's either too time consuming to catch up to the leader or I'm happy with spending my time working on the other VPs.

    I'm adding some sections to the original post to decribe fixed-cost VPs (such as special sectors, abbey, trade posts, etc) versus how to plan for the dynamic-cost VPs (such as special event locations - trade/tech/warfare). My preference is to stay away from the dynamic-cost tech VPs, because clerics just take so long to get to where they need to go.

    Does anyone have a link to a thread on a "how-to-trade". Things like efficient placement of the export house and storehouses (or more-so how to just keep all the stock in the export office to be most efficient), using the mouse-wheel to queue and mass order, gold spamming and mass fancy food injection into the economy can greatly reduce time for everything before the nuke. Remember, your final oppenent is usually down to a pretty miserable existance at this point, so you're looking at volumes of 1000s in terms of what your economy size is across the board.

    I'll start cleaning up the post now.
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    Having multiple AIs in a team gives the same multiplier as having each of them separately. It does make things harder though, so there's little point in it when trying to maximize coin income.
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    I thought that was the case. I've made the edit to the post to correct that.

    I'm currently preparing a couple screenshots to add some images along with some of the text.

    I still feel like I'm missing a good amount of content though. Any recommendations on maps?
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    I just played a skirmish against Balderus, he was set to normal but i played on a small map (Battle of Tanholm). I wanted to try this out and ended up winning with 13vp, but i got no coins. None at all. Am i missing something. It hit me that I've actually not gotten a single coin since i finished the campaign.

    Any ideas?
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    Did you use the map forge? You only get coins if you play an unmodified map (otherwise you could set the number of required VPs absurdly high).
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    No i didn't use map forge. I did change my colour from red to blue though.
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    Did you use any map templates? (It's the equivalent to what DataBeaver was saying.)

    Other scenarios would be that you might have tried to do the quick reload from a mis-timed nuke. You have to make sure that you do it before the countdown timer runs out.
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