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    "* HyperLobby Server is full (980 users online)...
    * Wait few minutes and try reconnect..."

    Wow, neveer thought I'd see the day

    I mean, I'm happy to see so many online, even though I can't join the Hyperlobby
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    Not so uncommon these days. Never used the ubi-thing. Is that as good as hyperlobby?

    Other lobbys that has il2+ players online?
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    If you send in your membership fee you will get a "go to the head of the line" pass.

    Ubi.com typically has 1/3rd the amount of players that HyperLobby does.Also there are no campaigns,online wars or coops over at Ubi.

    There is ASE(All Seeing Eye) that allows you to join dog fights in progress.There is no chat or coops.
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    Try ASE (All Seeing Eye)
    Just learned that from CrazyIvan... and he knows!
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    alforst every friday, saturday, and sunday nights for past 30 days it has been full (1000 players)

    yes Hyberlobby needs to be expanded!

    I'd say add support for another +1000 players (total of 2000 players.. sounds nice )
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    Someone posted some time ago it was a limitation of the software he was using. I use X-Fire more and more these days. It does'nt list every IL-2/PF server out there but you can add favourites so I just grabbed a few IP's from this thread for servers such as Warclouds, Greatergreen and my own and now rarely go into Hyperlobby.
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