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    After watching several different versions of the E3 demo almost a billion times I was able to catch all the hand movements and I have mapped out a control scheme. Here it be:

    I hope this link works, and Ubi, let me here it if I'm right because this took forever to get close to completely correct.

    Hope you guys enjoy.

    Note: All of the above controls were researched by me, and are not finalized versions of the game.
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    : That's impressive.
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    Looks pretty good, nice work.
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    Thank You. These games really interest me and i'm always making things like this, but I never use forums so they never get posted anywhere. Its good to know people actually like them though.

    But back to the controlls, you might have noticed they have changed drastically: Thoughts?
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    L trigger to crouch? I wonder why they switched it from B.
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    Originally posted by Blurzz:
    L trigger to crouch? I wonder why they switched it from B.
    I think they changed crouch to LT because in this game speed seems more important than quiet crouching. I think pulling the LT also feels more comfortable when popping up and down from behind cover in a firefight. You notice in the demo he doesnt crouch all that much, just runs up and shock and awes enemies before they know what hit them. MAN I type alot, LOL
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    Great work

    I like the way they made the CQC actions into one button, tapping it once will initiate a non-lethal attack but tapping it twice will initiate a lethal one.

    & Tapping the button once will open doors but tapping it twice will kick the doors open.

    Back in 07 they talked about making a stealth button & an aggressive button, I'm glad they kept it
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    Nice work man,thanks
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    I'm glad to see that a forced entry is the same as DA (Next gen).

    Also, if you hold down Y during the Execute part of M&E, you enter slow-motion.
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