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    Today i have bought a second copy of the game as a gift for one of my friends
    with the hopes of enjoying multiplayer together.

    The game runs really nice, however i was not able to find the save option when we needed to put the game aside for a day.

    Obviously i have not investigated this before purchasing, however i can sincerely tell you (whoever decided against the save feature) that i could not have imagined a game of this complexity to ship without a vital feature like saving and restoring multiplayer scenarios.

    Also i'm not sure but for what i have seen in the multiplayer lobby so far, i think i can tell that perhaps there are others who feel a bit cheated, and stay away from multiplayer altogether because of this.

    Playing this game is a really huge time investment and you don't want to just go ahead and throw your current game away when something comes up.

    It seems that too much time has passed since the release and too many patches, and business seems to focus on addons that sell for money for this game, thus begging for the feature is probably futile.

    So after the campaign, game goes on shelf then into oblivion.

    Shame on you !
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    Totally agreed. This game is awesome and desperately needs a S/L feature for the multiplayer.
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