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    I wanted to know what your guys thoughts are about the story.

    What we know is, Sam is no longer apart of 3rd E and his daughter is dead.

    What do you guys think? I think his daughter really isn't dead and its some sort of conspiracy, but I could be wrong. What do you guys think?
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    Lambart ran her over, then told Sam to go away and do some dangerous stuff so he wouldnt have time to investigate. Then Lambart started thinking about what Sam might do to him if he finds out, so he got him self captured then in the uncut version of DA shouted things like "haha Sam I can see my reflection on that bald chrome of urs", so Sam shot him
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    I have a feeling someone close to Sam plotted the entire DA story and mission. One of the words in the background of the IGN vid says BETRAYAL.
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    I think it's quite obvious that Sam is actually traveling back in time in Conviction to stop the murder of his daughter. Unfortunately, due to the stress of this responsibility, he stops into a bar that very night and has a few drinks...his driving skills later on would be suspect at best...the game ends with him behind the wheel saying "Did I just hit a dear? Oh well, off to save Sarah."
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    To me it looks like you could fit the whole conviction story (what we know of the story so far) in between the DA story, right after the Iceland mission.

    Because cutscene right after the Iceland mission looks like conviction could fit right in between DA.
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    I believe it is a government conspiracy story, but it doesn't involve Lambert knowing the US government being involved in the murder of Sam's daughter.
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    How many story speculation threads are going to be opened up? This has to be the 4th one visible on the main page.

    Cleanup in isle Ubi.
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    I think it has to do with Williams taking over as Director of Third Echelon, But who knows it could be anything.
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    I think that the story will pick up from the disasterously buggy Xbox 360 and PC versions of DA.
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