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    I was wondering if someone could get me ...

    1. IL-2T in a light blue, early war USN scheme (with striped tail and one without)
    2. IL-2T in late war, dark blue USN scheme
    3. A green IJN and a white IJN scheme of an IL-2T

    Please note, if I can be so bold and picky here,
    I would like generic skins please as I do most my flying offline. (these are for use w/ DCG)

    Thank you in advance
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    This is my attempt, so far.
    I've used them with MAT-manager and american national mrkings off, otherwise it's impossible to get the right markings in the right places.

    I don't think I'll post these at flying legends and I have no host, so if you like them, maybe I can mail them to you or something.

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    Those look fine to me
    Correction. They look fantastic!!!
    My email is brianchamb@cox.net.
    That is exactly what I am looking for.
    Thank you a million times over. I really don't have the time or resourses (financially, timewise and hardware wise) to really skin my own. That was quick too.
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    Very nice!

    Perhaps those should be uploaded somewhere, the lack of US torpedo planes considered?
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    They look cool

    someone should put them up, here for eg. http://www.skinsandthings.freeola.com/
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    Because there are now no less than three of you , I've uploaded them to flying legends, under fun/racing skins.

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    Good man, was hoping you would upload them
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