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    <span class="ev_code_PURPLE">Situation resolved, thanks to Mr_Shade's intervention :

    Contents of OP cut-out & preserved in a Wordpad file because it was 100% typed in all-capital letters (= excessive shouting)
    and especially because the author's issues were resolved.
    Moderator Sorceresss</span>
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    You cancelled your subscription to Kingdoms I take it?

    Which of these screens did you use to do that?

    This one?

    Or this one?

    and could you please avoid posting in all caps in future.
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    I have also had this problem. In the past there was no way to cancel other than to submit a ticket.
    The customer support for this game is terrible, and I fear there will be no way to get reimbursed for the charges considering I haven't played this game since May and continue to be billed.
    Also, the "my account" screen above is not available to me.
    I'm feeling that the only course of action is to contact the BBB.
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    I also want to cancel my subscription and stop the credit card withdraws every month... Dam page at Kindoms don't let me access the correct tab.... Pls help....
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    This isuue is affecting a lot of players who try to cancel the subscription (due to the awful changes in s3).Ubi should check what is happening with it.
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