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    Brothers in Arms: Furious 4 very suck
    we need Brothers In Arms 4
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    This game is going to be bad. i hope they cancel it and work on the next real BIA.because this "game" is so bad that even if it was free i would not touch it.
    gearbox if you still are the great company you were....you know what to do
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    Its extremely disappointing. Its another move by Ubisoft to put profits over integrity. They have keep using best selling titles to launch new IPs. When every time they redo GR its a different game catering to a more mainstream audience and alienating their core gamers. All of you that laud BIA:HH as a great game obviously forgot how different it was from RTH30. Slowed down head shots, much more run and gun than H30. H30 you could probably count on one hand how many times you actually shot someone, it was always the 4Fs that did the job, not you. It was a solid infantry tactics game with some shooting. This is Ubis natural progression, change games to get bigger initial sales and ruin the title.

    Overall, I am going to bet that this game is going to be a lot of fun, but just take the BIA off the title and release it for what it is, Borderlands WWII.
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    Even if it's "a move to put profits over integrity" ... it's a stupid move. They are trying to use BIA to leverage the game, but they are more driving the fans away of it. Think about it ... who from here will ever touch this?
    I'm praying to be a joke ... It can't be real.
    I mean ... how come somebody had such a bloddy idea .. and worse than that ... How could somebody else think "Oh, actually this is a good idea, let's approve it" ....
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    Im a bit disapointed that they made it like a animation gaming series. eg. big guy gets the Light machine guns and little guy gets the dueled wepons... and even more disapointed that it's not taking over from hells highway where the last thing you see is them on a snowy mountine... But im also a bit excited for a twist in the series just like Black Ops 2 is doing. It's gone from past/present day straght to the future which is disapointing but also excisiting at the same time bring new wepons etc to the field.

    I say, you can't judge this game till you play it, So many people have judged a game and in the end 90% of everyone who was disapointed in it by a few trailers went out and bought it and say how awsome it is. Black Ops 2 looks like **** because it's gone from the past straght to the future and over taking battlefield 2142(tech wise), but it's also a bit exciting seeing it's gone from the same old story and play as the other CoDs straght to a twist in the series...

    Ill bet anything that most of the people here who hate the game just because of the trailer will end up likeing it!
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    This is a said day for BIA fans. Take the BIA name off of this and advertise this to the kidos.
    I'm 53 years old and play HH every day. I assumption thats the botheration HH appeals to the earlier gamers and does not accomplish the cash.
    My ancestor was at Omahaw bank and I appeal the Savage seven be released.
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    "Today is the 67 anniversary of the D-Day landings. All you are saying is that the real to life stories of the soldiers that liberated Europe aren't "cool" enough. Instead we need to have hatchet weilding mohawk uber-soldiers chasing Hitler and high-tech super-nazis, since that will appeal to the 13 year old CoD niche."

    Hit the nail on the head. Not a single dollar of mine will be given to ubisoft from this point forward
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