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    Seriously... what where you guys thinking?
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    Look at it this way dude, this isn't the continuation of the Matt Baker story.

    I'm willing to give it a chance, so long as they bring me the story in the Ardennes later on in a different game and do it service.
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    But why does this thing has to be a brothers in arms game? It could be a game on his on. Now Brothers in amrs is gonna pay for this.. How can they up such a great series.

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    Man... I just went from estatic to depressed in the space of a one minute trailer. Brothers in Arms was my favorite World War 2 series; it had a good story, true characters, tactics, and above all it let you play with a squad, instead of being the lone hero that *every other game* on the market has.

    All this is is taking a good franchise and cashing in on the name. By all means make Bad First Person Shooter #9,072, but why steal the Brothers in Arms name?

    Today is the 67 anniversary of the D-Day landings. All you are saying is that the real to life stories of the soldiers that liberated Europe aren't "cool" enough. Instead we need to have hatchet weilding mohawk uber-soldiers chasing Hitler and high-tech super-nazis, since that will appeal to the 13 year old CoD niche.

    I will not buy this game. I will return to the series when we can find out what happens to Baker Company in the Ardennes. Until then I will pass on this mashup of Inglorious Basterds meets the Tremor Brothers.

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    I have to agree with most people here. The mentioning of Gearbox made me excited, the mentioning of Brothers in Arms made me need to change pants. The finding of the trailer made me need to change my shirt due to the throw-up covering it. I am hoping like hell that this is a joke, and made an account almost specially to complain. I mean, really Gearbox? Even if this is a joke, you have some explaining to do.
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    When Randy showed up I was like
    2min later I was more like

    The game is probably not a joke but we can only hope that they will just call it Furious 4 without the BIA. Why do these forums even exist? Apparently they don't give a about what the community wants. Let's hope they read this and understand that fans of the series don't appreciate it.

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    Wow, it's been years since I've been on these forums, but I'm here for the same reason as everybody else. Why did they do this to our beloved game?!?!?!? Seriously Gearbox/Ubisoft, why!

    I wouldn't care if the game was just called "Furious 4" and BIA wasn't even mentioned, but calling this a BIA game is just ridiculous. The only thing I see in common is that they are both WW2, but besides that, there's no resemblance. But before I rage myself to death over this, I'll wait for more info and hope they have a damn good explanation for what's happening here.
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    My first reaction was literally WTF!!! Im so right now.

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    So utterly disgusted and disappointed with this news its indescribable.

    It's obviously a new IP, made to capture a wider appeal audience, banking (or at least attempting to) off the successful concept of Inglorious Basterds with the after thought of slapping the coveted Brothers In Arms title on it - for sales, cheap undignified sales.

    Gearbox/Ubisoft - Let's take a beloved franchise and unlike the rest of our E3 lineup which is focusing on solidifying the integrity of long running franchises... BIA, which its faithful fans have been waiting years for any glimmer of a potentially amazing sequel, is the handpicked guinea pig for a corporate desired new direction that should have taken an original name.

    It's almost as if all this was a mean joke. A bad mean joke. Let's disregard any authenticity and dignity of a great franchise and use it to coat tail this most likely very forgettable cash-in experiment.

    Not happy at all with Gearbox nor Ubisoft - they basically slapped me (and many other long time faithful fans) in the face today with this remarkably awful reveal.

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    So we've been waiting nearly three years since Hell's Highway for the pivotal Bastone story and this is what we get?

    What an incredible disappointment.
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