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    This topic seems to pop up every where...
    Germany had volenteers from all over the world Polan Sweden (where im from), Norway, USA u name it... even if the country didnt work togheter doesnt mean that its people didnt...

    SS had some forigen legions as well...
    A viking SS legien existed if im not incorrect...

    People do crazy things
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    About Finnish volunteers

    Finns in the German army formed the "Finnisches freiwilligen Bataillon der Waffen-SS" led by SS-Obergruppenführer Felix Steiner. The Finnish battalion was part of the 5th SS-Division "Wiking". The battalion was operational during 1941-43 in the Eastern front and advanced all the way to Caucasus. SS-Wiking was well trained mechanized infantry, and Finnish volunteers were Winter War -veterans.
    So there were no Finns in the "Ost Battalions".

    When negotiating about the voluntary unit, Finnish government insisted that the Finnish volunteers would not fight against any other nation than the Soviet Union. Motives were anti-communist only.
    Also because of the pressure from the Finnish government Finns never took the Waffen-SS oath to the Führer. This political statement caused a minor delay in arrival in Germany, but as Finns proved their worth in battle the Finnish battalion was considered as the most combatant unit in the SS-Wiking and was constantly used for counter-attacks.
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    Polish wikipedia for those who want to know more:
    Apparently there was 375 000 poles is german army
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    One quote I remember, possibly from the book "Band of Brothers" by Stephen Ambrose, was that there were Polish soldiers in some of the "pill boxes" on Normandy beach. After they were captured by the Allies, the Allies asked them why they didn't simply surrender or run away when the attack began, and one Polish man answered (something along the lines of) "Well, your artillery WAS very persuasive, but the Nazi officer standing behind me with a pistol in his hand was MORE persuasive."
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