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    Hi, does anyone know if there is going to be The Settlers 8?

    if you like to give ideas for the 8 version, do it here :P might some of them read these.

    thanx for reading and commenting.
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    I personally hope there is going to be a version 8 for the settlers, would be really cool. but more realistic like in 6 would be nice. dont you guys think?
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    @ Holland2009

    I can’t ever think about The Settlers 8 right now. I’m still WAY too infatuated with the current version. Gawd I love this freaking game!

    Nonetheless if I’m to make a positive contribution that is commensurate with the topic of this thread than I wish to state that TS8 will require:

    A) comfortable chair

    If version 8 has me sitting in front of a PC as much as this version has, I’ll need a more comfortable chair.

    Gawd I love this freaking game!

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    First they will issue an expansion for S7, like they always do for any version. They will introduce new buildings and units and call it expansion.

    S7 became playable after the 1.08 patch, I hope current game will not be changed a lot anymore, since they managed to find balance between branches. I do hope they will make some totally new empire maps though.
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    I agree with Decina and Kist.

    Notice how time has eveolved through the series, now we have cannons and muskets, whats next? Pistols and Rockets?

    Thats one idea I dont know if im too comfortable with- LOVE how the series was focused on historical weponry. PLEASE dont do a settlers version thats got newer tech. What do you guys think?

    But as Kisteran said, my plate is WAY too full just playing S7 with a touch of 6 a few times a year still.

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    Hey guys,

    I think it is highly unlikely The Settlers will ever include Hi-Tech. They’d have to call it something else. Like Onesixty, I also feel Hi-Tech settling would spoil the ambiance of the game. One hopes it will never come to that.

    As mentioned in another post, The Settlers 7 borrows greatly from a board game called ‘The Settlers of Catan’, right down to the ‘Victory Points’.

    The Settlers of Catan

    Before I was aware of this (I’d never heard of the board game prior to TS7) I was completely struck by how this version of The Settlers was like a board game brought to life. I’m not saying this is a bad thing. This is the most unique version yet!

    In saying this however, a good board game is eternal. I believe Risk and Monopoly were around before my time and I’m an old mother fu…uh…funker. Unlike software titles, board games seldom change. Yes, Monopoly has undergone a few ‘thematic’ edits but even in these the actual game play remained the same.

    Like a board game, The Settlers 7 is pretty rock solid and really fun to play. It’s going to pretty hard to top this one. I can see a pretty lengthy run on this title, supplemented by expansion packs and whatever else Blue Byte has up their sleeve.

    Stick your head in a toy store sometime. You don’t see Monopoly in the bargain bins because it is going out of production. I think we’ll find the same thing will be true of The Settlers 7 for sometime to come.

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    i loove the fact i find some roots back from the settlers II
    i had II first and loved it then lost the floppy / name of the game... then i brought some settler game... but it dint look anything like it.
    now i play the settlers 7 and i just looove it... its gotten back to there roots yet advanced in gameplay!
    i think if the devlopers keep it this way... i woudnt doubt to buy the settlers 8 / 9 / 10 ect
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    I thought ‘The Settlers I’ was the most amazing game ever conceived when I first played it on my ‘Amiga’ computer. It supported two players via ‘Null Modem’ cable connected to the ‘serial’ ports of two machines.

    ‘The Settlers II’ introduced the ‘Fog of War’ element where you had to explore a bit to find you way around. My memory is a little vague between one and two. Were there donkeys in TS1? I know in TS1 you set flags as way points to speed up transport. I know for sure in TS2 there were no flags but donkeys to move things along. TS2 is also where some of the more ‘tedious’ aspects of the game were introduced.

    The micro-management aspects of refreshing your battle weary troops and the introduction of ‘Palisades’ and ‘Fortifications in TS6 & 7 certainly kept a player busy. I loved it... To a point. Sometimes the troop refreshes could be tricky to juggle and it wasn’t much fun to have your opponent make an end run around a nearly completed Palisade. Or one you thought for sure was sealed at the end…but wasn’t.

    So when I first saw the fixed sector sizes and predetermined fortifications I thought Blue Byte had ‘dumbed the game down’. Boy was I wrong.

    Development of TS7 eliminated aspects of the game that I now realize were kind of a pain and added features that make this version amazing. Blue Byte cleaned house and I like it!

    I can’t imagine what could be added to TS8 to make this game any better. If they add anything they might break it!

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    What I would like to see is that it will be possible to establish one or more settlements next to your starting city. That way you can trade between your settlements and gather more money by that for funding your army.
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    ok here is what i would like to see in a new settlers edition

    keep the storyline mostly the same, but throw in something from the anno series, since they own that game anyways...maybe something along the lines of city building..not so much on the war sides of things,

    i hate to harp on, but please no forced drm, or forced to be online, that would be a bonus for us all..apart from that love settlers, have been a fan since s4
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