Question: What role will each class play on the battlefield?

- Johnathan Shabash


This is an interesting question, because the role of each class has evolved as players discover new tactics and strategies. However, to frame each class as an archetype:

<UL TYPE=SQUARE><LI>The Assault class, as the name implies, excels in creating forward momentum for their team through the battlefield. That could be charging the actual point or breaking through a front line stalemate that has emerged. Their active ability (the Blitz shield), their passive buff (increased armour), and them being the toughest class all support this role.
<LI>The Specialist class is commonly used in two ways: the first is offensively, as the main pillar of their team capturing a point. They are extremely powerful once they get in close to a point, either knocking out the abilities of defenders, or putting up an AEGIS right on the capture point. But they also do very well defensively by replenishing ammo stocks or knocking out the incoming Blitz charges.
<LI>The Recon class is interesting because he combines two traditional shooter archetypes: the long-range suppression role and the infiltration role. In either role, the Recon is harassing the other team and providing situational awareness to his team (through the Oracle ability and the passive Intel-sharing buff).[/list]
However, the reality is that a lot depends on the map, how your team is doing, and individual play style. Throughout beta, we’re keeping a close eye on the dynamics of each class. So far, each has continued to evolve as players discover new strategies – which is exactly what we want – but if any wind up pigeon-holed into a repetitive, narrow role then we’ll start making some adjustments.

- Theo Sanders, GRO Creative Director