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    tomoyoyo Posted Fri October 14 2011 05:13
    Thanks for the internet, by reading other ppl's experience I too solved the problem, just please try the following...

    Download dxtroy (search on google) and install it,

    On the tab "Advance", tick Limit Video FPS and set the value at 59. And try to get in the game! There you go, now happy!

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    bloodraven43 says
    now i have an annoying fps in green in left top corner but the mouse isnt blinking anymore...hooray
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    Mine stopped by itself without any noticable reason
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    yeah it stops for a while and then it seems it gets worse for the next hour when it comes
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    Cause it's ALIVE It needs to breath sometimes, so it BLINKS, mwahahah
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    lmfao...rock on
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    i want some link cant find it >.<
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    att3r0's Avatar Junior Member
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    Oct 2011

    It seems the blinking is linked with current FPS, ITs easily noticable by limiting the fps with this tool at some values you got strong blink at others it doesnt blink. SO even without it blinking can stop if dps will hit correct value.
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    install it and do what the dude said

    and yeah att3ro...if these games came with a config file like the older ones we could limit the fps there but no deal with these newer games.guess its a easy fix for black hole.hopefully the patch comes out soon

    the other thing i noticed is the game play more stable and smoother.i think the fps limiters are screwing up the whole game experience

    and thx to tomoyoyo for fixing this drove me crazy thru out the tutorial so bad that after i beat that, i stopped playing
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    Works beautifully!

    You can also get rid of the green fps count in the overlay settings.
    There is a checkbox named "Video FPS" just uncheck it.
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    I don't know this software should i trust it?
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